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No One Injured In Boat Fire In Marsa: Authorities On Site

No One Injured In Boat Fire In Marsa: Authorities On Site
Jun 21 2024 Share

A fire broke out on a boat docked in Marsa on Friday night, as reported by the police. Thick plumes of black smoke rose into the sky, visible from the surrounding areas.

A police spokesperson stated that the incident was reported at around 6 pm, with no injuries reported. Fire engines arrived at the scene around 6:30 pm, by which time the air was “thick with smoke and there were some noises that sounded like explosions,” according to an onlooker interviewed by the Times of Malta.

In a Facebook post, Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri confirmed that the fire had started on a ship undergoing repairs at a private shipyard in Marsa. “Firefighters from the Civil Protection are on the scene to control the fire. I have been informed that there are no reports of injured people,” he said, urging the public to avoid the area.


New Employment Focused Sixth Form Launched By CMBS

New Employment Focused Sixth Form Launched By CMBS
Jun 21 2024 Share

Central Mediterranean Business School (CMBS) on Tuesday announced the opening of a new private Sixth Form, offering innovative “job-focused” courses in collaboration with leading employers.

CMBS will be offering post-secondary courses in Business Management, Computer Science, and Accounting & Finance starting in October 2024 leading to undergraduate degrees awarded by the business school, Coventry University and ACCA.

Located at The Brewhouse in Birkirkara, the sixth form provides employment-centred courses that have been designed to prepare students for successful careers in today’s competitive job market.

CMBS has partnered with leading employers, such as EY. Through these courses, students will gain hands-on experience through work placements, where a strong emphasis on employability and practical workplace exposure are prioritised.

This collaboration, together with tutors from industry who bring both academic and practical expertise, allows students to gain real-world insights and hands-on training from industry leaders, equipping them with the skills needed to excel in their chosen professions, thus bridging the gap between academia and the business world.

“We have been pioneering in our approach to business education – creating courses that focus, not just on qualifications, but also on the skills, experience, and knowledge that employers truly value and seek,” said School Principal Kristina Galea Borg.

–A Holistic Approach to Sixth Form Education–

The pre-tertiary curriculum, fully recognised and certified by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority, includes the industry-leading neuro scientific tool, PRISM, designed to help students identify their behavioural and organisational strengths.

The work-based learning courses allow students to engage in hands-on training, mentorship and career focused activities, aimed at preparing them for a successful career in their chosen field. Academic and professional mentors will come together to provide a holistic support system to students.

Upon successful completion, students will be awarded a globally recognised Advanced Diploma in their chosen area of study, certified at 120 ECTS, and recognised at MQF/EQF Level 4. Students completing this programme will be equipped with the necessary foundation to pursue an undergraduate degree at CMBS in collaboration with Coventry University or ACCA, or at other European institutions of their choice.

“At CMBS, we place a strong emphasis on industry-focused learning, exposing our students to various work experience opportunities and career activities throughout their post-secondary and tertiary studies,” said Chief Executive Officer Morgan Parnis.

“Our goal is to equip students with the practical skills and industry readiness they need to excel in their chosen profession and make informed decisions about their future career paths.”

–Programme Highlights–

Life Ready, Job Ready: Courses are geared towards helping students be both life and job-ready.

Real-World Integration: Hands-on training, mentorship, and professional development activities are integral to the curriculum.

Degree Pathway: The pre-tertiary full-time degree pathway starts at the Sixth Form level and leads directly to a BSc degree, offering specialisations in Business Management, Computer Science, and Accounting and Finance.

Blended Learning: By integrating classroom knowledge with real-world application, students gain a well-rounded skill set, enhancing their employability.

Apprenticeship Programme: Students are immersed in a real-life work context from the second term of their studies.

One-on-One Mentorship: Each student is paired with a dedicated mentor to provide guidance, support, and feedback throughout their educational journey.

Varied Assessments: Catering to different learning styles, assessments allow students to showcase their knowledge and skills in ways that best suit them.

–Enrolment Information–

The complete programme of study starts in October and runs for 15 months on a 5-day week schedule with Christmas, Easter and Summer breaks.

Students will be entitled to a stipend, while parents/guardians can benefit from funding opportunities receiving up to 70% of their child’s course fee back via the Get Qualified Scheme.

Prospective students must hold a school leaving certificate and have a minimum of three passes at ‘O’Level (or equivalent) at Grade C or better, including Mathematics and English. Students having additional passes in Accounts, Computer Science or Business Studies or a similar subject will be given preference.

All students must demonstrate basic digital competence.

–A vibrant and modern campus–

Housed in over 7,000 square metres of contemporary space, The Brewhouse provides a safe, comfortable, and inspiring environment for learning and personal growth.

The campus includes a unique mix of classrooms, facilities, lounges, green study areas, offices, and food spots, fostering a thriving and vibrant community.

CMBS is committed to providing high-quality education that bridges the gap between academia and the business world.

For more information or to apply, visit www.cmbs.edu.mt or contact our admissions office at [email protected].  


Malta Daily Confirms Investigations On The Way Regarding Gozitan Butcher Using Dog And Cat Meat

Jun 21 2024 Share

Malta Daily can confirm that investigations have stared over the claims of  a Gozitan butcher selling sick dog and cat meat as sausages. Malta Daily’s sources within the authorities have confirmed that Public Health, Animal Welfare and the police have all started investigations on the matter.

The rumour of a Gozitan butcher using dog and cat meat made the rounds all over Maltese social media today, with many being disgusted and astonished by the news,

It was also rumoured that several people had to be hospitalized for taking and consuming the sausages made out of sick cats and dogs picked up from animal sanctuaries.

Sources have confirmed to Malta Daily that official investigations have been launched after authorities took note of the countless posts and comments about the situation around Facebook and Instagram.

In a Facebook post, Association for Abandoned Animals stated that the rumour “is not a fictional story”.


Mediterrane Film Festival Launches This Year’s Masterclasses

Mediterrane Film Festival Launches This Year's Masterclasses
Jun 21 2024 Share

Mediterrane has unveiled an exciting lineup of panels and masterclasses alongside the festival program, featuring industry heavyweights from around the globe.

Dive into hot topics like globalisation in entertainment, film circulation, Mediterranean and international co-productions, cutting-edge storytelling trends, immersive technologies, and the dynamic world of animation. Get ready for career-boosting insights from top experts, all under this year’s unifying theme: ‘Unity through Film.’

Expect masterclasses from powerhouse talents like editor Yorgos Mavropsaridis (Kinds of Kindness, Poor Things), production designer Nathan Crowley (Wonka, Dunkirk), casting director Margery Simkin (Avatar, Top Gun, Mamma Mia), and composer Simon Franglen (Avatar: The Way of Water, Ocean’s Eight).

Don’t miss the highlight: a masterclass with Palme d’Or and BAFTA-winning writer-director Mike Leigh (Vera Drake, Another Year, Happy-Go-Lucky), who will be honoured with the festival’s Career Achievement Golden Bee Award. Leigh will also engage in an enlightening conversation with Adrian Wootton, former Acting Director of the British Film Institute and current Chief Executive of Film London and the British Film Commission.

Masterclasses (in order of schedule):

Building Worlds and Creating Distinct Cinematic Environments: encounter with Nathan Crowley, the renowned production designer whose illustrious career boasts seven Academy Award nominations for his collaborations with director Christopher Nolan on iconic films such as ‘The Prestige,’ ‘The Dark Knight,’ ‘Interstellar,’ ‘Dunkirk,’ and ‘Tenet.’

Crafting Careers and Expanding Horizons: a masterclass held by acclaimed casting director Margery Simkin

David Bowie: Celebrating 60 Years of Genius: helmed by British Film Commissioner Adrian Wootton who will delve into the multifaceted career and enigmatic persona of Bowie, shedding light on his evolution as an artist and his enduring influence as a master of reinvention a testament to his boundless creativity and fearless exploration.

The Art of Editing: Shaping Perception: encounter with Yorgos Mavropsaridis ACE, one of the greatest European editors and the trusted editor of all of Yorgos Lanthimos’ films.

Unveiling the Filmmaking of Mike Leigh, OBE: encounter with the award-winning filmmaker Mike Leigh, OBE, who will share insights into his unique approach to filmmaking, characterized by a distinctive style of realism and authenticity.

Harmonizing Story and Sound: with renowned composer Simon Franglen. Through this masterclass, Franglen, celebrated for his work on blockbusters like “Avatar: The Way of Water” and “Titanic,” unveils the alchemy behind crafting unforgettable cinematic scores.