No Live Performance For Malta Eurovision 2024 Final

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No Live Performance For Malta Eurovision 2024 Final

The new rules for the 2024 Malta Eurovision Song Contest have been unveiled, announcing a new format for how the competition plays out.

According to the new rules, the final phase consists of a live-on-tape recording, an artistic music video interpretation of the song and the final live show which includes jury and public vote. 

‘All twelve (12) songs shall be performed Live-on-tape on a special dedicated stage with a recorded Backing Track complying with the requirements listed hereunder.’ 

‘After recording: one of the three takes is selected (within the total session time allowed of 60 minutes) as the Live -on-tape performance to represent the Artist in MESC 2024.’

PBS will also be giving a grant €5,000 to the 12 individual final songs to produce a professional artistic Music video in a stipulated time frame. 

‘The final night will be organised and televised live by PBS. All the 12 finalists have to be present with a limited number of guests per song. It is highly recommended that the music writers of the song will be present during this Final night. Both the live-on-tape and music videos will be shown to the general public.’ 



Viral Video Shows Enforced Police Presence In Paceville

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Viral Video Shows Enforced Police Presence In Paceville

A video making rounds on TikTok shows an increased enforcement and presence by the Malta Police Force in the Entertainment Mecca. 

Speaking to a police spokesperson, this newsroom was informed that the amount of people as seen in the video is a normal crowd for these areas in Paceville. 


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The situation did not lead to any arrests, despite the brief confrontation with some crowd members, and the situation was controlled with professionalism by the officers on duty. 


Source: nofear0902 TikTok


2,100 Bags Of Rubbish Per Week Gathered In Comino

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2,100 Bags Of Rubbish Per Week Gathered In Comino

Minister for Tourism Clayton Bartolo took to social media to state that, through full collaboration with the Ministry for Gozo, the cleaning service in Blue Lagoon has been strengthened. 

‘Throughout the past weeks, an average of 2,100 bags of waste were collected per week. I wish to thank all the workers involved’, wrote Minister Bartolo.

This comes after Blue Lagoon and Comino at large were once again put under the spotlight by activists who critiqued the ‘shabby’ state the island was being left in.

Last week, Nadur Nadif had issued a post calling out the negligence surrounding Comino, calling it an island with no vision. 


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Unveiling the Secrets of Olive Oil Production

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Have you ever dreamed of immersing yourself in an extraordinary local experience that unveils the secrets of olive oil production?

This September, the enchanting Bidni olive grove in Wardija becomes the backdrop for an unforgettable journey.

As the sun begins to set, you’ll gather to embark on an adventure that promises to reveal the heart and soul of Maltese olive oil.

At the heart of it all are the Grima family, the devoted cultivators behind this remarkable endeavour. They will introduce you to the magic of olive oil production in Malta.

As the evening unfolds, you’ll be guided through the labyrinth of olive trees, learning the very techniques that have led to their award-winning status.

This isn’t just a tour; it’s an immersive experience where you’ll witness firsthand the passion, care, and dedication that go into creating the extra virgin olive oil.

A moment of sensory delight awaits as you engage in a blind tasting of three distinct olive oils.

To conclude this splendid affair, a locally-sourced 3-course sunset dinner will be served paired with carefully selected local wines.

Throughout the event, delightful surprises will be unveiled, ensuring that every moment leaves a lasting impression.

Hurry, though, as spaces are limited and this exclusive encounter is in high demand.



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