‘Nikru Biex Nassistu’ Scheme Extended

'Nikru Biex Nassistu' Scheme Extended
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Minister for Social and Affordable Accommodation Roderick Galdes announced the extension of the “Nikru Biex Nassistu” scheme, which has been successful since its launch in 2017. 

The scheme, administered by the Housing Authority, invites private individuals to lease multiple properties to provide housing for individuals facing social needs. Currently, the scheme accommodates over 1,000 families.

Landlords who participate in the scheme will benefit from guaranteed rental rates for ten years, six months’ advance rent payment, and tax exemptions on rental payments. The extension was revealed during a press conference in Paola, a locality with over 30 properties involved in the initiative.

Minister Galdes emphasized the scheme’s alignment with the government’s significant investment in social housing to meet the needs of individuals and families in need. 

The scheme is part of various initiatives contributing to reducing the waiting list for social housing. Affordable Housing Executive Head Mariella Cutajar affirmed the Housing Authority’s commitment to utilizing such partnerships with the private sector to provide suitable housing for families in need.


Swieqi – St Julian’s Junction Project Announced

Swieqi - St Julian's Junction Project Announced
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Infrastructure Malta has announced plans to develop the Swieqi – St. Julian’s Junction, a major investment aimed at transforming the current traffic light junction into a grade-separated junction. 

This marks the first major Infrastructure Malta project of newly appointed Transport Minister Chris Bonett. 

This initiative seeks to enhance traffic flow in the area and address long-standing accessibility issues between Swieqi and St. Julian’s. The project, part of ongoing improvements to the TEN-T arterial road network, aims to improve safety and encourage active mobility.

The upgrade plans were detailed during a technical media briefing, focusing on Triq Mikiel Anton Vassalli and surrounding areas. Key improvements include better traffic flow management, new footpaths, and an enhanced pedestrian link replacing the current vehicle underpass. 

Traffic modifications involve the creation of new slip roads and improved exit routes to Swieqi and St. Julian’s.

Consultations with stakeholders, including local councils, have informed preliminary plans submitted to the Planning Authority. Further adjustments are expected as discussions progress. This project underscores Infrastructure Malta’s commitment to enhancing infrastructure and mobility in Swieqi and St. Julian’s communities.


First Ever EU Rules On Combatting Violence Against Women

First Ever EU Rules On Combatting Violence Against Women
Feb 7 2024 Share

The European Union has reached a provisional agreement to combat gender-based violence, spearheaded by Maltese EU Commissioner Helena Dalli. 

The directive encompasses regulations to prevent rape, address cyber violence, and bolster support for victims. 

Despite concerns about the exclusion of legislation on consent-based rape, the directive introduces EU-wide standards for criminalising gender-based violence and improving access to justice. 

It expands the list of aggravating circumstances for offences, includes provisions against female genital mutilation and forced marriage, and addresses online crimes such as revenge porn. 

The framework enhances victim safety and health, emphasises intersectional discrimination, and streamlines reporting mechanisms. While the directive awaits formal approval from the European Parliament and Council, member states have three years to implement the provisions. 

Additionally, it mandates essential services like shelters and campaigns to raise awareness. The directive represents a significant step forward in ensuring equal protection for women across the EU, reinforcing the rights and safety of all citizens.


Eddie Fenech Adami Celebrates Birthday With PN Leaders

Eddie Fenech Adami Celebrates Birthday With PN Leaders
Feb 7 2024 Share

Former President of Malta, former Prime Minister, and former leader of the Nationalist Party Eddie Fenech Adami turns 90 today.

On this occasion, the leader of the Nationalist Party, Bernard Grech, visited Eddie Fenech Adami at his residence in Birkirkara to personally congratulate him. 

He thanked him for the way, despite the difficulties and challenges he faced throughout his life, sometimes even to the detriment of his own family, he still looked forward until he changed for the better the face of our country.


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Eddie Fenech Adami had a political career of over 50 years and remains known as the Father of European Malta after leading our country through a successful accession to the European Union, thus representing us on the European decision-making stage.

During the visit to Eddie Fenech Adami, the leader of the Nationalist Party was accompanied by the Deputy Leader of the Party, Alex Perici Calascione, and the General Secretary Michael Piccinino. 

Also present were the former Prime Minister and former leader of the Nationalist Party Lawrence Gonzi, as well as several former Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries who worked closely with Eddie Fenech Adami throughout his political career.