Neymar Breaks Pele Record To Become Brazil’s Top Scorer

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Neymar Breaks Pele Record To Become Brazil's Top Scorer

On Friday, Neymar, at 31 years old, surpassed Pelé as Brazil’s all-time leading goal scorer, netting his 78th goal in a World Cup qualifier against Bolivia. 

The match ended 5-1 in Brazil’s favour, with Neymar scoring twice. His record-breaking goal was a precise finish from close range following a low cross into the penalty box. Neymar expressed his immense happiness and admitted he never imagined achieving this milestone.

Although Neymar missed a penalty earlier in the match, his second goal, much like the first, was a result of a well-placed cross by Raphinha. The Brazilian soccer federation acknowledges Pelé’s total of 95 goals, while FIFA excludes Pelé’s goals in national team friendlies against clubs.

Neymar’s accomplishment was recognised by Pelé’s Foundation, which congratulated him on surpassing the legendary player in official FIFA matches. Neymar, however, emphasized that this record doesn’t imply he’s superior to Pelé or any other national team player. 

He expressed his desire to carve his own legacy in the national team.

After experiencing doubts about his future with the national team following a World Cup quarterfinal loss in the previous year, Neymar’s return showcased his determination to contribute to Brazil’s success. 


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JOIN NOW: Animal Welfare & Fashion Sustainability Come Together at MSPCA’s “Reloved”

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The Malta Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (MSPCA) is presenting “Reloved,” a unique event aimed at advocating animal welfare and promoting fashion sustainability. This dual-purpose occasion will take place at the Maria Rosa Winery Estate on the 14th September at 7:30 pm.

Reloved” promises an evening filled with informative presentations about the NGO’s continuous work, an inspiring thrift-themed fashion show, captivating dance and acting sketches together with delicious food by Briju and flowing wine from the local vineyard. The event aims to raise awareness while inviting sponsors and welcoming funds for the MSPCA’s critical mission of advocating kindness, preventing cruelty, and safeguarding the freedoms of animals following Malta’s Animal Welfare Act.

The MSPCA has been a dedicated protector and shelter for animals since its establishment in 1937. Currently housing 30 animals, mostly dogs but also cats, the organisation has taken in over 100 animals this year, successfully rehoming 90 animals to date. With an average stay of three to four months before finding forever homes, each animal intake requires an average of €350 per month to cover general care, medication, and clinic fees.

The event “Reloved” goes beyond advocating animal welfare by tackling the urgent need for fashion sustainability. The fashion industry’s environmental impact is significant, consuming 80 billion new clothing items annually and being the second most polluting industry worldwide. Cotton production, which accounts for half of the total fibre used, leads to 18% of worldwide pesticide use and 25% of insecticide use. Additionally, producing one cotton shirt requires a staggering 2,700 litres of water, enough to sustain a human being for three years. The fashion sector is now responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions and contributes to 20% of global wastewater, with consumers buying 400% more clothes than they did two decades ago.

Through this event, we aim to foster a collective understanding that the well-being of nature, animals, and humans is interconnected. Emphasizing the need for sustainability, we urge everyone to prioritize mindful consumption and be more responsible stewards of the environment. MSPCA seeks to raise awareness about the importance of preserving our planet for future generations while supporting the welfare of animals in need.

MSPCA are reaching out to everyone in our community to join and chip in to create a sustainable and compassionate world for all living beings, making a difference in the lives of animals and preserving the environment for generations to come.


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AI Generated KSI Sings Aidan’s Naħseb Fik

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AI Generated KSI Sings Aidan's Naħseb Fik

Artificial intelligence has brought some of the most bizarre concepts imagined into reality, with the world of music also experiencing a big chunk of this reimagining. 

And the latest concerning Malta and its art comes in the form of a TikTok by user wcftft, who generated local singer Aidan’s famous track ‘Naħseb Fik’ being sung by worldwide star and YouTuber KSI.

The style comes in a typical AI generated format which sees different artists, or sometimes even cartoon characters, singing popular songs. 


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This follows this same pattern, and sees the Sidemen member turned music artist and boxer taking on the local track. 

This comes after the Sidemen were present in Malta for the wedding of one of their members, Vikkstar. The group, which is arguably the biggest on the video platform, attracted thousands of fans seeking to get a glimpse or an interaction with them. 

What do you make of this AI generated collaboration? 


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Malta Going Viral With Andre Rieu TikTok

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Malta Going Viral With Andre Rieu TikTok

A TikTok posted by Andre Rieu, a Dutch violinist and conductor who performed in Malta early this September, has amassed a whopping 263.8K views. 

The concert was sold out almost immediately, with thousands attending the concert to watch the artist perform live classics like Oh Happy Day, Ballade pour Adeline and Bolero. 


Beautiful memories of our time in Malta. The Maltese spirit soared when André played the classic “Xemx” ❤️😀 #andrerieu #andrerieuconcert #xemx#malta#valletta#live#concert #orchestra

♬ origineel geluid – André Rieu – André Rieu

Among the many songs, Rieu included ‘Xemx’ to which the Maltese crowd gladly sang along as one massive choir. 

Rieu expressed utter delight at having performed in Malta, exclaiming in interviews elsewhere that he would love to do so once again.


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