Newly Married Maltese Couple Break Largest Cake Record

Newly Married Maltese Couple Break Largest Cake Record
Jun 3 2024 Share

The Malta Records just certified a new local record which saw the largest wedding cake prepared by a Maltese couple, Alicia and Adrian Xiberras.

The cake was confirmed to be 2 metres and 10 centimetres tall and with a circumference of 3 metres and 54 centimetres. The cake was also adorned with LED lights in celebration of the couple’s new life together.

And the achievement of the record makes sense as Alicia herself runs a ‘Cakes ’n’ Bakes’ business, specialising in creating variously themed cakes for all manner of event.

Congratulations to both on your record – and on your wedding of course!


Logan Paul Offers To Fight Brother Jake Paul After Mike Tyson Drops Out

Jun 2 2024 Share

WWE sensation and legendary youtuber Logan Paul has offered to fight boxing brother Jake Paul, after his fight against boxing icon Mike Tyson had to be postponed due to the 57-year old’s recent health scare.

Jake Paul and Mike Tyson were supposed to fight on the 20th of July in a blockbuster deal which would have seen the first ever boxing fight exclusively shown on streaming service Netflix.

Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions announced the postponement on Friday (31 May) saying that Tyson’s ulcer flare-up will prevent him from training properly in the lead up to the fight.

“Both Mike and Jake are in agreement that it is only fair to ensure that both athletes have equal training time to prepare for this important match and are able to compete at the highest level,” the statement read.

“The health and well-being of athletes is our top priority, and we fully support Mike in taking the necessary time to allow him to perform at the level he expects of himself.”

After the dropout, Jake Paul’s brother Logan posted to twitter saying that he’ll step in for Tyson and finally end the brotherly rivalry between the Pauls.

Who do you think would win between the two?


The Here We Goest Here We Go Kylian Mbappe Set To Join Real Madrid

Jun 2 2024 Share

French superstar Kylian Mbappe is set to complete his destiny and join Real Madrid, following the Spanish club’s triumph in yet another Champions Leagye final, this time over Borussia Dortmund.

Mbappe who has been with childhood club PSG since 2017, has been flirting with a move to the Spanish capital for a few years, but now it seems that the move is actually happening as it has gotten the coveted here we go from transfer specialist Fabrizio Romano.

Many have been calling it the most important here we go in years, with the deal representing the start of a new and exciting chapter for the future footballing legend.

Mbappe will be hoping that his Real Madrid career will be as good or even better than other footballing legends such as Zinedine Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo.


WATCH: Sliema Mayor John Pillow Dances With Elderly

Jun 2 2024 Share

Incumbent Sliema Mayor John Pillow has been caught dancing with the local elderly residents, ahead of the local council election set to take place on the 8th of June.

John Pillow who is running for the Sliema Local Council under the Nationalist Party will be hoping to not only get reelected as a council member but also to be reappointed as the Mayor.

He has been Sliema Mayor since 2022, when former mayor Graziella Attard Previ was elected to Parliament and as deputy mayor took a promotion and her place.