New Year’s Resolutions Maltese People Should Consider In 2024

New Year's Resolutions Maltese People Should Consider In 2024
Jan 16 2024 Share

As we bid farewell to 2023 and welcome 2024, it’s time to think about our New Year’s resolutions. Here are some suggestions specifically tailored for us Maltese folks:

1. Lose Weight

We’ve been crowned ‘the most obese country in the European Union’. Let’s make it our mission to change that in 2024.

2. Use Indicators

This may be a big change for some, but using indicators while driving can make our roads safer and less chaotic. And plus, once you get into the habit, it almost becomes second nature.

3. Walk 10k Steps a Day

We love our cars, but often resort to them no matter the distance of our destination. Opting to walk to places within a reasonable distance can benefit our traffic situation, air quality, wallet, health, and mood!

4. Reduce Carbon Footprint

Our air quality is not great, and our sustainability efforts are nothing to write home about. Let’s make an effort to reduce our carbon footprint in 2024, one small habit at a time.


5. Eat Healthier

We love our carbs, from pastizzi to timpana, imqarret to donuts. But in 2024, let’s try to balance our diet with more fruits and veggies. Plus, we get some of the tastiest local produce around!

6. Grow More Plants

Our country can use a little greenification. If you and your neighbours were to add a few plants to your facades/balconies, it can really brighten up your street.

7. Learn a New Skill

Everyone needs a hobby. With so many traditional skills to choose from – lace making (bizzilla), filigree, weaving, glass blowing and crib building why not pick one and master it in 2024?

8. Travel More

With a country so small, it’s easy to become a little claustrophobic. Let’s make 2024 the year we explore new places and cultures.

9. Try Your Luck 

Life is full of opportunities waiting to be seized. In the upcoming year, why not consider doing some little things which have the potential to result in great rewards? 

Start that new blog, podcast or develop that business idea that’s been lingering at the back of your head, PM your crush, ask for that well-deserved promotion.

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Real Madrid Supporters Club Inaugurated Last Weekend

Real Madrid Supporters Club Inaugurated Last Weekend
Jan 16 2024 Share

On Saturday, January 13th, 2024, the official Real Madrid supporters club in Malta was inaugurated  during its first Annual General Meeting at the Arka ta’ Noe. The executive committee gave a brief overview of the work being done  in order to acquire official status from Real Madrid and explained the long term vision of this Supporters Club.

The realisation of the official Real Madrid supporters club in Malta signifies the fulfilment of a long-standing dream for many local football enthusiasts.  The Pena Madridista Malta already has 80 members, and they’re excited to welcome more people on board. This shows that many local fans are keen to be part of this club. They want to make it a big community where everyone can enjoy supporting Real Madrid together. The club plans to grow even more, and they’re eager for new members to join. 

To stay connected and informed, interested individuals are encouraged to visit the club’s official Facebook page. 

The page will serve as the primary communication platform for announcements and member interactions.


217,487 Tourists Visited Malta In November Of 2023

217,487 Tourists Visited Malta In November Of 2023
Jan 16 2024 Share

In November 2023, Malta experienced a notable surge in tourism, with total inbound tourists reaching 217,487, reflecting a substantial 24.7% increase compared to the same month in 2022. 

The majority of visitors, totaling 189,607, arrived for holiday purposes, while 21,953 came for business reasons. The age group between 25 and 44 represented the largest share of inbound tourists at 41.7%. Notably, residents from the United Kingdom, Italy, and Germany comprised 40.4% of the total inbound tourists.

Accommodation establishments witnessed a surge in total nights spent, marking a 14.7% increase over November 2022, totaling nearly 1.4 million nights. 

The majority of guest nights (86.9%) were spent in rented accommodation. The average length of stay for inbound tourists was 6.3 nights. Tourist expenditure demonstrated a robust increase, surpassing €178.2 million, a notable 23.6% rise from the corresponding month in 2022, with an average expenditure per night estimated at €129.0.

For the first 11 months of 2023, inbound tourists reached 2,816,641, marking a significant 31.0% increase over the same period in 2022. 

Total nights spent and tourist expenditure also showed substantial growth, reaching almost 19.2 million nights and €2.6 billion, respectively. The total expenditure per capita increased to €907, compared to €889 in 2022.


Accidents Usually Main Cause For Traffic, Says Prime Minister

Accidents Usually Main Cause For Traffic, Says Prime Minister
Jan 16 2024 Share

On TVM, during an interview on XTRA with Saviour Balzan, Prime Minister Robert Abela said that the main cause of traffic on Maltese roads is usually accidents.

He said that if we were to compare two different Wednesdays of a week, with the same schedules of people, some days have traffic whereas others do not.


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Abela said that this must indicate traffic caused by road accidents, saying that if we manage to fix the rapidity with which traffic accidents are addressed, traffic can be reduced.

The Prime Minister said that there authorities sometimes take too much time to address an accident – compiling evidence and removing the vehicles involved from the road.

Abela said that this year the government aims to implement a strategy which manages to clear accident sights as quickly as possible to reduce the volume of traffic.

What do you make of this comment?