New Shaun Farrugia single ‘Dear God’ to drop December 1st

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New Shaun Farrugia single ‘Dear God’ to drop December 1st

Local singer and songwriter Shaun Farrugia has revealed that his new single ‘Dear God’ will be released on the first day of December. 


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‘This year has been mind blowing and I can’t wait to show you this next chapter, songs from the heart from me to you all’ wrote the singer.

And ‘mind-blowing’ is right, considering Farrugia’s recent musical achievements. From collaborations with international DJ Martin Garrix, features on Love Island and having his music blasted off of the Empire State Building, Farrugia has been on a constant roll.

We could suspect that this next single will seemingly be released as a piece of gratitude for all that Farrugia has recently experienced in his ever growing musical career. 

Having just been signed on with Wasserman Music agency, which boasts various big names like Drake, Billie Eilish and Kendrick Lamar, Farrugia is proof that local artists can achieve what they set out to achieve. 


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Food delivery courier stranded in Imsida floods after heavy rainfall on Saturday

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Food delivery courier stranded in Imsida floods after heavy rainfall on Saturday

Recently-surfaced footage shines a light on the affect of heavy rainfall of Malta’s roads, showing a food delivery courier stranded in Imsida.


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A video posted by user @nxpphotography shows the courier walking alongside their motorcycle because they were unable to drive in the flooded Imsida streets following heavy rainfall on Saturday.

This is not the first time that rainfall has caused a number of issues in Malta’s streets, with floods being one of the main threats to the safety of the population during the Autumn and Winter seasons.

On Saturday evening, certain food delivery apps halted their service due to the heavy rainfall in the interest of the safety of the brand’s delivery partners.


Video Source: @nxpphotography IG

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Gordon Ramsay’s New Year’s Dinner in London revealed to cost £675

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Gordon Ramsay's New Year's Dinner in London revealed to cost £675

It’s no secret that dining at a fine restaurant could cost a pretty penny, but foodies around the world have been going wild at the price of Gordon Ramsay’s triple Michelin-starred London restaurant’s New Year’s Dinner.

The culinary icon recently unveiled a menu sample for New Year’s Dinner at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in London, which shows the cost to be a jaw-dropping £400 per person, with wine pairings to come at an additional £275 each.

Equivalent to €770, the celebrity chef’s restaurant will serve dishes such as duck tea, Orkney scallops, dover sole cardinal served with potato, lobster & chive and more. Alternatively, a New Year’s Eve dinner at his other London restaurant Pétrus will reportedly cost £300 per person.

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay previously earned the title of third most expensive eater in the world, with a table at one of the celebrity chef’s establishments being a much sought-after booking for many.

Would you consider paying that much?


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5 winter activities we can’t wait to start doing

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5 winter activities we can't wait to start doing

The recent change in weather just goes to show that, with all of its downfalls, a lot of people love a big night in. The winter season is all about curling up in your pyjamas with a warm cup of hot chocolate and a few friends or family members by your side. That said here are 5 winter activities we can’t wait to start doing!

Game Nights

Whether it’s a long, intense game of Monopoly or a cool, calm case of poker, Winter’s seasonal setting is the perfect backdrop for a well-organised board game night. Complement your activities with a few platters or wholesome meal and you’ve got an awesome night ahead!

Baking Sessions

Being the food-loving country we are, cooking does not come to a halt during the summer season, but there’s something special about winter that makes you want to break out the treats and spices and get a few cookies or brownies going in the oven. What’s your favourite winter bake?

Movie Nights

After months upon months of revelling in the sunshine, a few hours spent in the darkness escaping to your favourite cinematic world are just what you need for a well-deserved refresh. With so many incredible films coming out in the next few months, we anticipate quite a few visits to the cinema this winter.

Christmas Decorations

Enjoy it or not, turning your house into a Christmas wonderland is an inevitable activity this time of year. Unless you’re one of those people who are all about Christmas and have decorated already, the metres of tinsel, gargantuan Christmas tree and singing Santa Clauses are waiting to be unboxed.


The simplest of activities often tends to be the most satisfying. Admit it, we all fantasise about sitting next to the window sill with a good book and a hot cup of tea as we listen to the rhythmic pitter patter of the rain. If you’ve thought about this but never had the chance to do it, now may be your chance.

What winter activity are YOU looking forward to?


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