New restaurant incentive to double up vouchers

 - Business - Jun 10
New restaurant incentive to double up vouchers

Restaurant owners who form part of ACE, the Association of Catering Establishments, announced that they will be doubling up the red Governmental vouchers as a value added move to attract patrons. The vouchers issued specifically for restaurants will be given out to be used on the next visit. The list of restaurants will be published in the coming days, but it is known that 40 of the 400 members have already signed in on the incentive.

Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo praised the pro-active move undertaken by the hospitality sector, stating that this will encourage and strengthen domestic tourism. This second round of vouchers is expected to generate more revenue than the first round of vouchers, which generated more than €90 million from the €45 million round.


Photo Source: Malta Cusine, Rachel Claire

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