New Mercedes can now be driven using your thoughts

 - Science - Sep 17
New Mercedes can now be driven using your thoughts

The future of driving cars might not be self-driving and definitely not steering wheels – it’s mind control! The Mercedes Vision AVTR is car powered not only through electricity but also by the driver’s brain. The vehicle was displayed this week in Germany at the IAA Mobility 2021, which is the world’s largest mobility of the future event. The car is still in the concept phase of development but the Brain Computer Interface is what captures the attention… quite literally. 

Changing the radio station or switching lights on and off all fall under the mind controlling technology. The new technology invites numerous possibilities. On the bright side, it offers people unable to drive cars physically to be able to pilot a car. However, the issue of traffic and accidents are always brought up. Do you think this technology would work on Malta’s roads? With a 60% increase in traffic accidents in the second quarter of 2021, it would be quite a gamble to see whether thought-powered cars would solve the issue.


Photo Source: HT Auto Twitter

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