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New Maltese music you should be listening to

Oct 31 2020 Share

We’ve been seeing a boom in local music recently and say that we can complain. Here’s a couple some local music you should be checking out ASAP.

The Busker X Matthew James – Just a Little Bit More

Follow The Busker’s line-up change, this is the first in their list of upcoming collaborations and who better to start with than singer-songwriter Matthew James. It’s feel-good, it’s funky and it’s local, what’s not to love?

Ryan Paul – Fine (In My Mind)

A relative newcomer to the Maltese music scene, Ryan Paul releases a future house banger in ‘Fine’, showing the local electronic sphere that he’s a force to be reckoned with. Being released on international channel ‘Future House Music’ and already garnering 10,000+ streams, we can’t wait to hear more from this guy.

Janice Mangion – Kewkba

We’ve always been suckers for Janice Mangion’s singing and songwriting in our mother tongue and ‘Sajjetta fil-Bnazzi’ is a testament to this. Seemingly welcoming the colder months in style, you can stream her song below:

Where It’s ATT – The Music

The Maltese-Aussie brothers have been on a roll recently. After releasing their G-House album ‘Sounds of The Street’ featuring their breakout hit ‘The Rain’, Where It’s ATT have kept the momentum going with ‘The Music’, a groovy, house-y banger of a track.

Jessica Magro – Break The Silence

Our last entry for this list is Jessica Magro’s ‘Break the Silence’, a synth-pop infused track flaunting the beauty of the Maltese Islands. How many local destinations can you spot in the video?

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Slovakia beings nationwide testing for COVID-19

Oct 31 2020 Share

In what is a global first for COVID-19 testing, Slovakia will attempt to screen its 5.4 million-strong population for COVID-19.

Around 45,000 front-liners have been deployed to collect swabs from approximately 5,000 points.

 In a statement addressing the situation, Slovakian Prime Minister Igor Matovic claimed that “the world will be watching,” in what will be an attempt to save “hundreds of lives.”


Maltese triathlete completes two days of cycling around Sicily

Oct 30 2020 Share

The Maltese ultra-triathlete Fabio Spiteri has completed a 1,000 km cycle around Sicily in two days and eight hours,16 hours off his previous winning time. 

The passionate animal activist, Spiteri aimed to raise funds for various animal shelters around the island. Spiteri is aiming to raise € 30,000 for the charity and raised about €16,000 for the charity by Friday night.


Perrie Edwards, Little Mix Star, discusses severe back injuries

Oct 30 2020 Share

Little Mix star Perrie Edwards has revealed that she has a back injury that makes it hard to dance. 

During a recent Twitter Q&A with fans, Perrie said, “I recently found out that I’ve got a slipped disk and a tear in the base of my back / spine and I die every time we dance. But it’s worth it!


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