Netflix releases first images for Money Heist spin off ‘Berlin’

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Money Heist fans – get ready for another heist! ‘Berlin’, the spinoff series pf La Casa de Papel (or Money Heist), will be released in December on Netflix. 

The trailer offers a tantalising glimpse showing a man in a red sweater removing a crimson gem from an intricate bank model. Fans promptly recognised him as the handsome thief Berlin. 

The new series will be a prequel and is set to explore Berlin’s troubled past as well as his love affairs. Netflix also gave fans a first look of the cast joining Pedro Alonso, who plays the notorious thief.

The original series, “Money Heist”, followed a criminal mastermind known as the Professor and his team of thieves, each named after a city. The show was a hit, running for five seasons and winning an Emmy in 2018.


Malta’s Civil Protection share more images from earthquake site

Malta's Civil Protection share more images from earthquake site
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The Civil Protection Malta MUSAR team shared more images from Malatya, Turkey as they respond to a hotel collapse. 

‘120 are missing’ the CPD explained, but revealed that they are in contact ‘with at least 8 buried under the debris.’ 

‘Work has started to locate and extricate victims’ the post finished. Images show the utter destruction caused by the earthquake as the team attempts to help as many people as possible. 

We express our solidarity with the Civil Protection Department as they undergo this dangerous but brave mission. If you wish to contribute and donate to the victims, you can do so through the Turkish Embassy, the Gozo Ministry or through various other organisations you can find on our page.


Photo of Turkish father holding hand of dead daughter goes viral

Photo of Turkish father holding hand of dead daughter goes viral
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The photograph of a Turkish father holding the hand of his unfortunately deceased daughter as rescuers and other first responders attempt to assist as many people as possible has gone viral on social media.

The two earthquakes which hit Syria and Turkey have reportedly skyrocketed the death toll to around 8,000, but this is expected to only increase in the coming hours.


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The image reportedly showed Mesut Hancer, who holds the hand of his 15 year old Irmak, who was tragically killed after the building collapsed. Despite the freezing cold temperatures hitting the country, the father did not let go of his daughter’s hand as he awaited for rescuers to remove the rubble in order to retrieve the body.

The epicentre of the first earthquake was the Pazarcık district of Kahramanmaraş, which lies in south-east Turkey. The initial, 7.8-magnitude earthquake was followed, hours later, by a second quake that measured 7.7 magnitude.

As rescuers manage to pull out people, including the children and in some cases even pets, not all were so fortunate in the horrific event which struck the two countries.

If you wish to support those suffering, you can check our page to donate and/or find ways of assisting.


Calls for caution after pole falls in front of Luqa’s Labour Party club

Calls for safety after pole falls in front of Luqa’s Labour Party club
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MaltaDaily was informed by a member of the Ħal Luqa council that a pole had fallen in front of the Labour Party club in the locality. 

The source informed this news platform that no one was injured during the incident but the debris caused due to the incident is still scattered across the pavement and the surrounding area. 

Images also show that the situation is being addressed by the authorities. It is currently unclear what caused the pole to fall, but caution is advised when commuting in the area.