Netflix drops ‘You’ Season 4 Trailer returning February 9th

Netflix drops ‘You’ Season 4 Trailer returning February 9th
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Netflix has officially dropped the trailer for the fourth season of its hit series drama ‘You’, and this time around, it’s main character Joe Goldberg the one who is being stalked. 

Following last season’s ending, with Joe *SPOILERS* faking his own death and resurfacing as ‘Professor Jonathan Moore’, Joe’s plans to lay low go array as people around him start getting murdered. 

Fans are really excited to see the how return and even see the tables turned on the protagonist as he gets a taste of his own medicine.

The first part of the season is set to release on Netflix on February 9th 2022 with the first batch of five episodes. In typical Netflix fashion, part two will drop a month later on March 9th so that fans can get the answers they crave. 


2006 Eurovision winners ‘Lordi’ will be performing in Malta this March

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Rock’N Malta 2023 calendar of events launched

Minister for the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government Owen Bonnici launched the programme of events for Rock’N Malta 2023, a fund managed by Festivals Malta to incentivise artists and promoters to invest in the rock genre and all its subgenres.

Minister Bonnici explained that following a call for applications issued in July 2022, the agency received a very positive response, out of which 20 applicants were successful and will benefit from this fund.

“Since the festival was launched in 2017, Festivals Malta has supported numerous local artists and event organisers in the production of rock concerts and rock subgenres. The festival has not only supported local artists but has also helped organisers host various renowned artists from the international rock scene,” Dr Bonnici concluded.

Festivals Malta Chairman Aaron Zahra said that; “Through the Rock’N Malta Fund, Festivals Malta is investing in the local rock industry, with the aim of helping artists who are starting their musical career, to establish themselves in the sector while reaching new audiences through the international acts that already have a large following locally and internationally. I encourage the public to attend and participate in these events.”

Annabelle Stivala, CEO of Festivals Malta outlined the programme of events which will take place between March and December 2023. She stated that through this fund the agency is helping the industry evolve and elevate the quality of events produced through the support of local artists and event organisers by alleviating some of the financial burdens that come with producing events.

The Rock’N Malta 2023 programme of events will be as follows:

Lordi – March

Dark Malta – April

Music Playground – Between April and September

Rock the South 10th Edition | A symphonic rock show – May

Kunċert Rock | Gogol Bordello – June

John Lees’ Barclay James Harvest – July

Plaguefest – August

Venti Music Fest | The Creepers – Blues in Malta – September

Rock Wired – October

A Symphonic Rock Show and Choir – November

The Gozo Youth Orchestra – November and December

The Travellers Christmas Concert – December

Mike and the Mechanics | Rock in the Forest | Steven Rothery | Alan Parsons – Dates will be announced later this year.

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‘Be Efficient. Save Energy!’ – an information campaign promoting energy efficiency for businesses in Malta

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Government and business partners in joint collaboration promoting energy efficiency

The Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise, together with Malta’s business partners, launched an information campaign promoting energy efficiency for businesses in Malta and Gozo. The campaign, ‘Be Efficient. Save Energy!’ will provide guidance on how different economic sectors can reduce energy consumption in their operations.

With the participation of nine associations representing the island’s principal economic sectors, this campaign was planned in response to these organisations’ proposal to participate in the government’s efforts to promote responsible energy use. The Association of Catering Establishments; Chamber of Engineers; Gozo Business Chamber; Gozo Tourism Association; Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise, and Industry; Malta Chamber of SMEs; Malta Developers Association; Malta Employers’ Association and Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association are participating in this energy saving information campaign.

The campaign will be spread over several months and will see business and professional organisations sharing suggestions with their members, on how they can consume less energy, according to their sector, and explain how with small changes and environmental investments can lead to drastic reductions in energy costs and carbon footprint. Thus, with the use of social media, e-newsletters, television adverts and other communications, this campaign will encourage more businesses to join in this initiative towards modern and sustainable operations, which will ultimately lead to a more sustainable future in energy consumption.

On an international level, 2022 was a critical year for the energy sector, as energy prices reached unprecedent levels. In Malta, the government worked to ensure stability, a commitment which was also sustained in this year’s budget. At the same time, the environment ministry is committed to continue pushing forward its policy and vision for increased investment in renewable energy, efficiency and sustainable technologies. This also includes several support schemes by different entities within the same ministry.

“Through this campaign we are presenting businesses with energy saving tips chosen by technical experts working in different sectors.  We strongly believe that after witnessing the challenges experienced by other countries because of the ongoing energy crisis, everyone acknowledges the importance of energy efficiency,” stated Minister Miriam Dalli.

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A new multi-sensory room inaugurated at Dar Arka in Gozo

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Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri together with the Minister for Inclusion, Julia Farrugia Portelli, today inaugurated a multi-sensory room project at Dar Arka, in Għajnsielem, Gozo.

This Arka Foundation project was was financed by the Ministry for Gozo with an investment of €45,000. This room is equipped with interactive devices, TV and lights that dim according to the need of the person using it. The multi-sensory room changes colours and also has relaxing music that helps people improve their physical abilities.

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Minister Clint Camilleri explained that this room will be used primarily by people with autism where thanks to special equipment they will be able to learn new abilities. He stated that as a government committed to continue investing in such facilities in order to improve and facilitate the lives of people with disabilities.

Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli said that this government is continuing to invest in infrastructure in the community linked to inclusion. She added that this connects well with other government investments, such as the ‘SensAbility’ scheme where families can apply to have a sensory room in their own home.