Neptunes declared 2021 champions with 27th title

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Neptunes declared 2021 champions with 27th title

Neptunes claimed the 2021 champion title after beating rivals San Giljan 10-6. This earned them their ninth title in 12 years, as well as their 27th title in their 93-year-old history. After their accumulating successes were halted by Sliema in their previous match, the athletes managed to bring their A game for this match and managed to regain their footing, placing them four titles away from the record held by Sliema. 

The first man-up set by Jake Muscat breached San Giljan’s defences, with the latter picking up the score after it was made 3-1. Neptunes however boosted up their score as Jordan Camilleri made four out of four man up sets. The game’s defining moment came from Steven Camilleri who beat the buzzer to give his side two goals, with Jake Muscat wrapping up the title. This is a historical event for Neptunes, celebrating their 27th title gleefully. 


Photo Source: Net News, Neptunes FB

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The pharmacies opening today from 9 am to noon

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The pharmacies opening today from 9 am to noon

Here are the pharmacies opening today, Sunday 22nd August 2021, from 9 am to noon;


  • Vilhena Pharmacy, 3, St Anne Street 


  • Darwin Pharmacy, 152, St Joseph High Road

Santa Venera: 

  • Collis Williams Sta Venera Pharmacy, 532, St Joseph High Road


  • St Anne Pharmacy, 24, Misraħ Sant’Elena


  • St Matthew’s Pharmacy, Seafront Promenade

San Gwann:

  • Brown’s Medical Plaza Dispensing Chemists, Cass-i-Mall Buildings, Vjal ir-Rihan


  • Mrabat Pharmacy, Mrabat Street


  •  Il-Mehrież Pharmacy, 31, Giovanni Curmi Street


  • Smiths (Pama) Pharmacy, Valletta Road


  • Remedies Pharmacy, 111, George Borg Olivier Street


  • Brown’s Paola Square Pharmacy, 64/65, Piazza Antoine De Paule


  • Milia’s Pharmacy, Cottonera Road


  • San Ġwakkin Pharmacy, 1, St Anne Street


  • Gerada Pharmacy, 146, Mater Boni Consilii Street


  • Prestige Pharmacy, 16, St Joseph Street


  • The Bypass Pharmacy, Mikiel Azzopardi Street;


  • Nova Pharmacy, 142, College Street

Malta International Airport: 

  • The ‘8 Till Late Pharmacy’ is open every day from 8am to 10pm


  • 9am to noon


  • Fontana Pharmacy, Għajn Street


  • Gozo Chemists, Mġarr Road



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Italian man shoots at supermarket security who told him to wear a mask

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Italian man shoots at supermarket security who told him to wear a mask

Authorities in Italy are searching for a man who shot at a security official for not allowing him to enter a supermarket without a mask. The incident happened in Finocchio, a locality close to Rome, with the man being turned away from the shop and returning minutes later with a firearm. 

The man allegedly shot at the security official but, fortunately, did not hit his mark, hitting a cabinet instead. The man escaped the scene, with police arriving shortly afterwards to investigate. The official stated that the man was Italian but not a shop regular. Authorities are using security cameras to identify the man and take the necessary actions. Investigations are still ongoing. 


Photo Source: Financial Times, The Daily Beast

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WATCH: Residents and activists unite to protest yacht marina in Marsaskala

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Residents and activists unite to protest yacht marina in Marsaskala

Following the release of the plans for a yacht marina in Marsaskala, residents and activists alike, many from Moviment Graffiti, took to the seaside to protest the plans. In a statement posted to the activist group’s Facebook, Wied il-Ghajn residents asked Transport Malta to retract the tender immediately and cancel the plans to the locality in question immediately. 

The statement says that despite the local plan having mentioned the yacht marina for around 15 years, the government is not tied to carry out the execution of a project which, according to the statement, does not make sense.

The residents thanked the local council of Wied il-Ghajn for taking a strong position against the plan. Masked and equipped with signs, the protestors took to the bay in question for their demonstration, with the statement revealing that this is just the first protest among many should the plans continue. 


Photo Source: Moviment Graffiti FB

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