Neil Agius shares insight about post-52 hour record swim

Neil Agius shares insight about post-52 hour record swim
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Neil Agius, Malta’s very own record breaking swimmer, made headlines locally and internationally, after swimming over 135km from Linosa to Malta in June of 2021.However, the amazing feat came with immense sacrifice, with Neil having to push through intense physical and mental challenges to overcome it. Almost 8 months after the record, Agius revealed the trials and tribulations he endured.


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Posting to Instagram a snapshot of his sun-burnt back, he opened up about the experience. He said that the swim resulted in him being badly sunburnt in almost all body parts – his legs, face, arms and even chest. He revealed his arms were so sore that applying sunblock became increasingly hard. He also expressed how surprised he was that his sleep pattern was set off course due to the extended swim. ‘I was expecting that after being awake for almost 70 hours I would go straight to bed and sleep for 14+ hours’ he said.

‘Nope, I was only managing to sleep for 3 hours at a go for some reason’ revealed the swimmer. The most painful part, however, was the exposure to salt. ‘My tongue was pitted with holes and the inside of my mouth was full of ulcers. For days I was blowing my nose and finding pieces of skin on the tissue.’ But Neil then went on to affirm why the swim was worth all the pain. 

‘Well in my eyes if 1 person is inspired to reduce their carbon footprint, […] if 1 kid believes that with hard work and dedication they can achieve anything, […] if 1 person starts to believe in themselves, then it’s worth it!’ Agius was awarded by President George Vella for his amazing feat, but his purpose for the swim goes beyond awards as it aimed to raise more awareness about sea pollution and inspiring others to be more environmentally conscious. 


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5 alternative date ideas for foodies on Valentine’s Day

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Whilst we firmly believe that love should be celebrated every single day, Valentine’s Day is a particular opportunity to put your other commitments on hold and give your partner the love that they oh so truly deserve. In between organising a jam-packed evening of activities or staying at home and watching a film with some take-away food, putting some effort into Valentine’s goes a long way and will surely be appreciated by your partner. That being said, here are 5 alternative date ideas for this year’s Valentine’s Day.

Binge on your favourite movies or series

Staying in and turning on Netflix is a go-to for many couples who don’t want a standard restaurant date but there is so much more that could be done. Hang up some decorations, prep some theme-appropriate snacks and binge on your favourite films and series in the comfort of your own home.

Finding your best Bolt Food choice will be as challenging as choosing a good Netflix movie, but we all believe that dedicating the time to make a good decision is the only choice to make it unforgettable.

Go camping

Regardless of the weather conditions, going on a camping trip with your partner and bracing the elements together will definitely strengthen your relationship. Find a comfortable spot, put on a fire, order some food if you want to, and enjoy a romantic night under the stars…

…and we recommend avoiding hunger to keep a good mood on these occasions. Find a proper spot with multiple choices around you before starting your adventurous date. Bolt Food can make it easier for you, you will never regret it.

Go for a hike

Even if you are not the most physically active couple on the island, a trip into the great outdoors is always a good shout. Fresh air, peace and quiet and some much-needed physical activity will not only benefit your relationship and also your physical health.

Malta has an abundance of gorgeous natural locations which are perfect for such an activity so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find the ideal hiking spot. Keep yourself hydrated and find yummy energy choices to be motivated till the end of the hike; some good options are always available in the Bolt Food app!

Build a fort

No matter how old you get, building a blanketed fort unlocks a sense of child-like wander in all of us and if you’re on a budget, this could make for the perfect romantic gesture on Valentine’s Day.

Escape reality (and a hefty restaurant bill) and create your own cushioned Valentine’s fortress, accompanied by all of your favourite board games, books, food and entertainment.

Organise a game night with other couples

There are a lot of things that come to mind when someone asks you what it means to be in a relationship but a word which comes to mind every single time is a team. While some romantic time together is always an option on Valentine’s Day, the extroverts and social butterflies out there may want to invite a few other couples for a fun game night!

Order some food, break out the Monopoly and Pictionary and work together to find out which couple is the board game champion.

Naturally, at the end of the day, it’s all about sharing and caring. Apart from sharing the moment, sharing your feelings, the quintessence of beautiful common memories is sharing food. Spend time on creating the beautiful memories and Bolt Food will cover the rest!


WARNING: One out of eight puppies survives reckless abandon

One out of eight puppies survives reckless abandon
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A post uploaded to Facebook captures the horrific and sad reality many puppies and kittens face in Malta more often than one thinks.

Animal activist Maxine Borg posted to Facebook two photographs and a video, wherein she explained how only one puppy out of a total of eight abandoned in the countryside in Żurrieq survived. 

‘More animal abuse’ said the post, ‘This has to stop once and for all! This is why we keep telling people over and over to neuter their animals to avoid more puppies/kittens. This behaviour is unacceptable.’

The puppies were put in a sack, left in a field in the cold and left to die, some still with their umbilical cords attached. The person who found and called managed to save one puppy. 

‘To that evil b****** how can you sleep at night?’ asked the activist. ‘How can you put your head on the pillow? If you looked for help I’m pretty sure someone would have helped. But instead you killed 7 innocent pups.’ 

The surviving pup was named DETSON, meaning Fate, and is now safe and sound, lactating well on his bottle. Maxine thanked animal welfare for convening on the site within minutes and the person who found the puppies. 


Enough doses in case a fourth COVID vaccine is needed

Enough doses in case a fourth COVID vaccine is needed
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Superintendent for Public Health Charmaine Gauci revealed that Malta was prepared for the possibility or eventuality that a fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine is recommended. 

Professor Gauci said this while being interviewed on the 11am news bulletin on TVMNews+. She stated that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has not yet recommended a fourth vaccination.

However, she outlined that the Superintendence of Public Health was keeping an eye out for what was happening in countries where the fourth dose is already being given, with Israel in particular. 

This comes just as mandatory vaccine certificates were removed for entry into restaurants, snack bars and band clubs. They will also be removed from mandatory use for bars, gyms and pools as of 14th February. 

Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne defended the measures and their easing by saying that the inoculation with the 3rd booster shot decreased the number of active cases and hospitalisations.