Naxxar elderly care home halts visits as COVID cases surge

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Naxxar elderly care home halts visits as COVID cases surge

Simblija Care Home, a 153-bed private facility in Naxxar, has put a temporarily halt to family members of residents from visiting after COVID-19 started surging. 

Families were informed on Tuesday by the care home that it was banning visitors for seven days as part of precautionary measures to ‘prevent further cases from rising.’ 

It is currently unknown ow many residents have tested positive for the virus, but sources state that only those showing symptoms are being tested. Some residents and relatives became worried of a return to restrictions, but the care home told various sources that they are fully operating in accordance with the health authorities when implementing the measures. 

When the pandemic hit Malta in 2020, care homes were closed off to visits, raising various concerns of isolation. Things improved as measures were relaxed, with some care homes still requiring the use of face masks during visits. 

The Naxxar care home is also being praised for its handling of the matter in a professional way, ensuring the residents’ safety. 


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New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announces resignation

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New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announces resignation

Jacinda Ardern, who acted as New Zealand’s prime minister as of 2017, has announced her resignation from the job. 

She explained to reporters that, knowing what the job takes to carry out, she knows that she no longer has ‘enough in the tank to do it justice. 

‘I’m a politician who is first and foremost human’ she said, explaining how she is looking forward to being there for when her daughter starts school next year and her excitement to marry partner Clarke Gayford. 

Her final day as Prime Minister will be on the 7th of February, with a general election held for New Zealand on October 14th. 

“This will give me a bit of time in the electorate before I depart, and also spare them and the country a by-election” she said. She revealed that she has no next steps planned out yet but she plans on finding a way to keep working for New Zealand. 

She said that the track record speaks for itself, having led her country through the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the Christchurch attack which saw many left dead. 


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Facebook and Instagram could remove ban on bare breasts

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Facebook and Instagram could remove ban on bare breasts

Facebook and Instagrams parent company Meta may soon move to free the nipple after the oversight board called for an overhaul to the company rules banning bare-chested images of women but not men.

In a decision dated January 17th, the oversight board has recommended that Meta change its adult nudity and sexual activity community standard. 

This, the board members said, would mean that Meta would be ‘governed by clear criteria that respect international human rights standards.’ 

This follows Facebook’s censorship of two posts from an account run by an American transgender and non-binary couple. The posts showed the couple posing topless with their nipples covered as they raised money for trans healthcare and surgery funds.

The posts were flagged by users, reviewed and removed by an AI system. Meta eventually restored the posts, but the board found that the policy is based ‘on a binary view of gender and a distinction between male and female bodies.’

This leads, the board said, to a policy which is unclear, recommending ‘clear, objective, rights-respecting criteria when it comes to moderating nudity.’ 


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Newly-surfaced footage shows police tase Jeremie Camilleri after Gżira murder

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Newly-surfaced footage shows police tase Jeremie Camilleri after Gżira murder

A newly-surfaced clip shows officials from the Malta Police Force tase Jeremie Camilleri after he acted aggressively towards them following his murder of 30-year-old Pelin Kaya on they day of her birthday.


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The footage shows the individual in question raising his voice and violently flailing his arms as he approached the police before the officials on-site neutralised him with a taser.

Witnesses also claimed that they heard Camilleri shouting ‘Algeria’ following the crash.

33-year-old Camilleri, from Lija, was arrested after he crashed into the woman and the Gżira KFC outlet before exiting the car and continuing to assault the victim and passers-by with debris and rocks.

The aggressor also tested positive for cocaine during a substance abuse test at the hospital.


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