NASA reveal deepest images of the Universe ever taken

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In collaboration with NASA, President Joe Biden has just revealed the first ever picture taken by the James Webb Telescope, which, according to NASA, is the world’s most powerful telescope .



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The project has been ongoing for nearly 30 years now and, suffice to say, it has not been cheap. It has reportedly cost NASA around $10 billion for the project to come to fruition and for the telescope to actually work as intended. 

The highly awaited photos will showcase the Universe in a way never seen before, will feature certain colours that no human has ever seen as well as more depth and resolution in an image of the cosmos than ever before.

The telescope includes the largest ever mirror sent to space. It spans 21 feet across and is meant to gather infra-red light. It is that infra-red light, which has never been seen by the human eye, that NASA personnel have been studying ever since they took the photos. This has allowed them to peek further into the Universe.

The full collection of photos will be released in a live stream on NASA’s youtube channel and website at around 16:30 on the 12th of July.



Carisma bring back Maltese heritage in their new bag design

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Carisma bring back Maltese heritage in their new bag design

Carisma Collections has found an ingenious way of incorporating Maltese heritage in their designs with their latest release: Lulu’s Rattan Bag. 

The brand utilised the traditional skill of cane work to craft the latest bag, designed to be the perfect bag for the summer as one ventures for a day by the sea. 

‘With its pale rattan body and a white flap with a gold door-knocker symbol, this bag has a top handle and a long strap so that you can wear it in whatever way you like’. 

But more than that, the bag revives aspects of Maltese heritage which have been at risk of dying out as the world rushes onward. Through such designs, Maltese culture is preserved and revitalised for the 21st century fashion world. 

Carisma was founded by 3 siblings and have been working on creating designs which keep parts of Maltese culture alive, such as the gorgeous Widnet il-Baħar earrings or necklaces. 



Hermanos Burgers turns 2 years old – and this is just the beginning

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Hermanos Burgers turns 2 years old - and this is just the beginning

Today is Hermanos Burgers’ 2nd birthday and they are celebrating 24 months of serving some of the very best burgers and dishes on the Maltese islands! 

The fast food joint took to social media to commemorate the 2 years of hard work, during which they aimed at making sure our taste buds were far more than just satisfied. 

Its most recent opening was in Birkirkara last November, which it vowed to transform into ‘Burgerkara’. However, with restaurants in St Julian’s, Paola and Mellieħa, Hermanos has more than become a staple of local delicacies. 

Known for their Guerrilla marketing and their wide selection of burgers and delicious sides, it would be very difficult to imagine life without Hermanos in 2022! 


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Athletics legend Mo Farah reveals he was trafficked to the UK as a child

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Olympic hero Mo Farah has revealed to the BBC that he was trafficked into to the UK as a child and that  Mo Farah is not his actual name but was forced onto him. He admitted that he arrived to the country illegally through an unknown women who told him that she would take him to relatives in Europe.



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In the past, Farah claimed that he had come to the UK with his parents from Somalia, however he has now revealed that his birth parents have never actually lived in the UK, with his family still living in Somalia except his father who was sadly killed when Mo was only 4 whilst fighting in the Somali civil war.

The long-distance runner revealed that he was born with the name Hussein Abdi Kahin and that he was born in the internationally unrecognized country Somaliland, north of Somalia. Farah stated that “As a family we were torn apart,” and “I was separated from my mother, and I was brought into the UK illegally under the name of another child called Mohamed Farah.”

He traveled to the UK with a women he never met before, thinking he was going to stay with relatives. He admitted that he was hopeful and excited and that he had never been on a plane before. This hope and excitement quickly went away when this women took him to her apartment in London and teared up the paper with his relative’s contacts in front of him.

He spent the next few years being forced to take care of the women’s children and doing housework until he was 12 when he was entered into Feltham Community College. He found refuge in sport and PE and later on even told his heartbreaking story to his than PE teacher Alan Watkinson. With the help of Watkinson, he found a Somali foster family to take care of him, became a British citizen and at the same time a British Olympic hero winning Gold in the 2012 and 2016 Olympics.



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