Nas Daily Describes Malta As His Favourite European Country

Nas Daily Describes Malta As His Favourite European Country
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Popular social media star Nas Daily has just described Malta as his favourite European country, as he launches his new NasTravels venture. 

Nas Daily, real name Nuseir Yassin from Israel, described the Mediterranean island as his favourite country out of a total of 50. 


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Going on to share some of the reasons why he loves the island so much – from the culture to the island of Comino’s sole inhabitant – Nas Daily wishes to share the island with as many people as possible. 

‘Malta is my favourite country in Europe because everyday I spent there I was surrounded with beauty and positive energy, from bot nature, buildings and people’, says Nas. 


Malta’s July Maximum Heat Soared to 42.7°C Last Monday

Malta's July Maximum Heat Soared to 42.7°C Last Monday
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The Maltese Islands experienced relief from the scorching heat as the Meteorological Office downgraded the red weather warning, which had been in effect since 18th July, to a milder yellow warning. 

During the recent 10-day heatwave, temperatures surpassed 40°C on six occasions, with the first four days already reaching the high 30s.

On the peak day of 24th July, the mercury soared to 42.7°C, surpassing the month’s normal maximum temperature by a staggering 11°C. 

While it didn’t set a new record, historical data from the Meteorological Office indicates that the same temperature was previously recorded in 1988 during another four-day heatwave.

This relentless heatwave was caused by a region of weak atmospheric conditions that extended from the Sahara Desert and settled over the central Mediterranean. 

The lack of strong winds allowed the hot air mass to remain stationary for an extended period, leading to the buildup of high temperatures.

Thankfully, the weather outlook now appears more favourable, with the Meteorological Office forecasting temperatures closer to the July norm until the start of August. The arrival of Northwesterly winds, reaching Force 6 by Wednesday evening, will trigger a change in the air mass, bringing relief. 

Over the next days, maximum temperatures are expected to range from 30°C to 34°C, while the minimum temperature will hover around 26°C.


PM Robert Abela Gives An Update On The Electricity Situation

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The Prime Minister claimed that the Government is sensitive to what is going on and wants to dialogue as much as it works to provide solutions. During an interview on ONE Radio, Robert Abela said that since 2013, the Labour Party in Government has strengthened the supply of electricity and claimed that if this had not happened our country would not have had sufficient supply of electricity.

Robert Abela mentioned how a Government plan of €90 million is currently underway, to which another €70 million will also be added, coming from the European Union’s plan, REPowerEU., in favour of further strengthening the system. He mentioned that in the last year and a half 66 new substations were built and pointed out that in the electoral manifesto there is a proposal that 200 substations will be built in this legislature. Works are also underway on distribution centres.

The Prime Minister said that now is the moment to speed up this plan.


Almost Two Full Weeks Of Power Cuts In Malta

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Malta is getting close to closing off its second week of power cuts in various localities across the islands as Enemalta continues to work to restore the power and fix the faults developing mainly due to the heat wave induced demands.

‘Several Enemalta engineers and technicians are currently deployed to different locations to continue the repair work on the remaining cable faults, damaged by the heatwave that hit southern Europe during the past week and a half’, explained Enemalta in one of its latest press releases. 

‘Currently, work is currently underway on nine underground high voltage cable faults. This work is currently in progress in Luqa, Marsa, Żejtun, Ħamrun, Kalkara and Żabbar, amongst other localities.’ 

‘By Wednesday afternoon, more than 73% of all cables impacted by the heatwave’s 40-plus temperatures were repaired and re-energised. Works will continue incessantly until the network’s flexibility and resilience are re-established, enabling Enemalta to respond to any other network difficulties in shorter timeframes.’

The power cuts have led to many calling out the government and demanding for compensation, with protests being organised. Have you continued to experience power cuts?