Music festival in Taiwan welcomes international DJs

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The term ‘music festival’ has become somewhat mystical and unreachable in a world affected by COVID-19 but a COVID-free city in Taiwan has made us hopeful for the future. 

Road to Ultra Music Festival in Taipei, Taiwan welcomed international DJs from across the globe with the likes of Alesso and Slander headlining after having quarantined for 14 days. 

The city of Taipei hasn’t had a COVD-19 case in over 200 days and, despite backlash, gives a glimmer of hope to other countries and a motivation to follow COVID-19 preventive measures.


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Pro-Trump protests turn violent in Washington

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Pro-Trump supporters held a rally in Washington D.C., chanting “USA”, “four more years” and “stop the steal” just a few days after Joe Biden’s election as President.  

The rallies quickly turned violent with e number of fistfights emerging with at least one stabbing and around 20 arrests reported so far.

The Trump camp has filed a number of lawsuits in many states for alleged voter fraud, with most judges dismissing the claims.


John M. Chu to direct Lilo & Stitch live-action movie

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Disney’s run of live-action reboots has looked promising in the past years with The Lion King, The Jungle Book and Mulan doing fairly well for themselves, and the entertainment giant looks to keep the momentum going by locking in the director for the Lilo and Stitch live-action movie.

John M. Chu previously directed Step Up 2: The Streets and Crazy Rich Asians and is currently in talks with Disney to handle the forthcoming movie dubbed ‘Stitch’ by the company.

Similar to Mulan’s release, ’Stitch’ will be out on Disney+ due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, currently without a release date due to it still being in development.


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Boris Johnson to self-isolate after contact with COVID-19 case

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Boris Johnson took to twitter to announce that he will be self-isolating following contact with an MP who had tested positive for COVID-19. 

The Prime Minister took to Twitter to announce that he has no symptoms but he will follow the rules and will work from Downing Street for the time being.

This comes after Johnson had fell ill with the virus back in April, spending three nights in intensive care.

He is expected to give a press conference later this week.


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