Motorcyclist Grievously Injured After Crash In Pieta

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Motorcyclist Grievously Injured After Crash In Pieta

Yesterday, at around 1800hrs, police were informed of a traffic accident in Triq ix-Xatt, Tal-Pieta’. 

Police convened immediately on site and preliminary investigations revealed that a crash had taken place between a Yadea motorcycle driven by a 41 year old resident of Furjana and a Toyota Vitz driven by a 30 year old woman resident of Birkirkara. 


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A medical team was called on site and transported the motorcyclist to Mater Dei Hospital, where he was later certified as having suffered grievous injuries.

Investigations are currently ongoing. Photos sent to this newsroom show the site of the accident as police officers addressed the crash. 



Lizzo’s Follower Count Drops By Over 120,000 After Allegations

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Lizzo's Follower Count Drops By Over 120,000 After Allegations

Lizzo has faced a significant loss of followers on Instagram following allegations of sexual harassment and body-shaming. 

Three former backing dancers have sued her for alleged sexual harassment, discrimination, and creating a hostile work environment. Since the news broke, Lizzo lost 123,489 followers on Instagram and over 14,000 followers on Twitter/X. 

The singer clarified that the dancers’ claims are untrue and that they had been previously warned about their inappropriate conduct.


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The controversy revolves around a lawsuit filed against Lizzo and the dance team captain, Shirlene Quigley. The dancers accused Lizzo of creating a sexually charged and uncomfortable work environment, including inviting them to touch nude performers and engage in inappropriate acts during a trip to Amsterdam. 

The lawsuit also alleges that Lizzo berated and fired one of the dancers for recording a meeting.

Following the lawsuit news, Lizzo’s former creative director and a dancer also claimed to have experienced mistreatment. Lizzo has responded to the allegations, calling them outrageous and expressing her commitment to the respect and empowerment of women.

The situation has put a spotlight on Lizzo’s past interview remarks about witnessing sexual acts involving bananas in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. The singer has been facing public scrutiny and criticism over these recent revelations.



Free Divers Join Zibel To Clean Malta’s Sea Bed

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Free Divers Join Zibel To Clean Malta's Sea Bed

NGO Zibel shared a video working with a couple of free divers who, without the use of oxygen tanks, dove down to the local sea bed to retrieve polluting rubbish and clean up the Kalanka area. 

The video shows the divers submerging into the water and resurfacing to place the pollutants in sacks to be removed from the sea bed. 


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‘Last Friday these free divers showed us what they’re capable of and boy were we impressed’, wrote Zibel, anticipating further collaborations.

Have you ever contributed to a sea clean up?



AirMalta Chairman Bags €10,000 Director’s Fee, Minister Reveals

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AirMalta Chairman Bags €10,000 Director's Fee, Minister Reveals

Finance minister Clyde Caruana has responded to an ethics complaint against him for allegedly misleading Parliament by providing additional details about Air Malta chairman and CEO David Curmi’s salary. 

In a letter to the Speaker of the House, the Standards Commissioner for Public Life, and the media, Caruana clarified that Curmi receives a monthly salary of €21,500 along with an annual director’s fee of €10,000.

Caruana stated that he was informed of the director’s fee by Curmi himself on Thursday and denied any intention to mislead Parliament. The controversy arose when independent candidate Arnold Cassola raised concerns about Caruana’s alleged denial of Curmi’s reported €250,000 salary.

Curmi took up his role in January 2021 during Air Malta’s restructuring efforts to prevent bankruptcy, leading to significant workforce reductions and route closures. The high salary of the chairman has raised eyebrows, especially given the economic challenges faced by many Maltese citizens.

A Freedom of Information request by The Shift revealed Curmi’s €21,500 monthly salary, which Caruana had not initially disclosed in the document submitted to the House detailing appointees’ salaries under his purview. The situation has prompted calls for an ethics investigation into Caruana’s handling of the matter and the appropriateness of Curmi’s salary as a state company chairman.


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