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Mother & son may face jail time for filing a false report

Dec 4 2020 Share

Earlier this week a mother took to Facebook to speak about an alleged beating her son endured by the police.

It shows that in recent developments the report was in fact false. It is apparent that the son lied to his mother about the nature of his injuries.

An internal team of investigators found that the boy displayed aggression and refused to give the police his details. They then made the decision to place him inside police van frequently stationed in Paceville.

The mother has now apologised to the police for spreading false information.


The Magical Illuminated Trail opens its doors to the public

Dec 4 2020 Share

Christmas time has finally arrived and with it, The Magical Illuminated Trail: Drive Thru Edition – a COVID-safe family-friendly experience from the comfort of your own car.

We took a glimpse at the enchanting trail and got a first-hand experience at the illuminated sights like Prince Frog, the Candy House and so much more!

This immersive trail is guaranteed to deliver the much-needed Christmas Spirit for this holiday season and what’s better is its in aid of the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation (MCCFF)!

You can watch the video right here.

Read more from the following link: https://illuminatedtrailmalta.com/


COVID-19 vaccine to arrive in Malta by first week of January

Dec 4 2020 Share

The COVID-19 vaccine is expected to arrive in the Maltese islands by the first week of January.

The European Medicines Agency is carrying out in-depth studies with regards to the vaccine. So far, trials show that the vaccine should offer a protection rate of about 95%.

Half a million vaccines will be imported and front-liners, the vulnerable and the elderly will be the first to receive the vaccine.

United Nations have officially removed Marijuana from the international list of Dangerous Drugs

Dec 3 2020 Share

A United Nations vote was taken today to remove Marijuana from the international list of Dangerous Drugs.

Marijuana has been used in a therapeutic and medicinal manner for thousands of years.

World Health Organisation Officials, advocated that marijuana should be removed from the list in order to properly benefit from its medicinal properties.

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