Most youth in favour of e-scooters while majority resists, survey reveals

Sep 26 2021 Share

A new survey published by MaltaToday revealed that while the majority resisted the use of electric scooters on roads, 30.7% agree that scooters should be used, with a majority of respondents aged between 16 and 35 being in favour. On the other hand, a considerable amount of the 63.2% of respondents which answered no were aged 36 and over, as opposed to the majority of youth being in favour.

The survey also revealed that the least resistance came from the Northern Region, where 36.4% of respondents agreed with the use of scooters on roads.

Notably, Gozo was relatively split on the use of the scooters, with 47.1% of Gozitans voting against the use of scooters on roads while 44.4% have no problem with the use of the vehicles. Despite being a clean, alternative means of transport, electric scooters have often been the subject of scrutiny and controversial discussion due to multiple users irresponsibly driving and parking them.


Charity swim around Gozo to raise funds for Victory Kitchen

Sep 26 2021 Share

On Monday, local charity organisations Victory Kitchen and Happy Initiative will be conducting their Annual Charity Swim fundraiser and will see Rafel Sammut and Andrew Arrigo attempt to swim 37 kilometres in under 14 hours.

The Victory Kitchen was set up at the beginning of the pandemic with the goal to feed the families which were affected hardest by the pandemic, feeding up to 18,954 families with 96,424 meals so far. The pair will attempt a continuous unassisted non-stop swim around Gozo and have been training under the wing of record-breaking Wave of Change founder Neil Agius.

Sammut said that they “strongly believe that no one should go to bed hungry, and we use this as our battle cry for this year’s swim to try and raise enough funds to donate 120,000 meals for the next 12 months.”

Donations can be made via BOV IBAN: MT87VALL22013000000040010942082 or Revolut/BOV Mobile to 99441950.


6 questions to ask yourself on a daily basis

Sep 25 2021 Share

What do I want out of life?

If I had no obstacles or limits, what would I be doing right now?

What can I do for myself today?

What can I do today to get closer to feeling fulfilled and happy?

What do I have to be grateful about today?

Is what I am doing now in the present moment what I want in the future for me?


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The ‘men’ in ‘X-Men’ may be removed to make brand more inclusive

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X-Men may potentially be one of the most iconic and hard-hitting outfits Marvel has ever had, however Marvel’s president of Physical, Post Production, VFX and Animation Victoria Alonso has had a thing or two to say about the long-standing Marvel centrepiece.

Alonso stated that it is funny how people call them the X-Men when there are a lot of female superheroes in the group, and her newfound position may give her the power to change that.

Marvel has already hinted at a potential change with the release of The New Mutants last year, which was the 13th and final instalment of the X-Men series and since then, the entertainment giant has announced ‘The Mutants’, a X-Men reboot which may finally officially welcome the beloved group of misfits to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Do you think the X-Men’s named should be changed?