More than 75% of Maltese men are overweight, topping EU list

More than 75% of Maltese men are overweight, topping EU list
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Well over three-quarters of men living in Malta were found to be overweight, which is the highest rate in the 52 countries in the World Health Organisation’s European region.

The WHO published its European Regional Obesity Report for 2022, analysing different aspects of excessive weight in Europe and medical conditions linked to being obese or overweight. 

Malta was followed by Israel after it registered just over 70% of its male population being overweight. Meanwhile, overweight women in Malta ranked at 60%, which is the second highest in the region.

Turkey registered the highest rate of overweight women at 70%, with the overweight rate also including persons considered obese. Malta has long topped the list as an epidemic of obesity hits the continent. 

The World Obesity Federation, which was published in March, suggested that the problem is set to worsen, with over a third of the population being obese by 2030. 

Over 45% of 11-year-olds are overweight in Malta, with 40% of  the island’s 15-year-olds registering as overweight. Similar reports published in 2018 showed lower rates, signifying a worsening problem. 

Figures for girls are lower than boys, but they are still considered some of the highest rates compared to the rest of thee region. 35% of 13-year-old girls were overweight, but the rates lowered as the age number increased. 


Unemployment in Malta remains lowest in Europe

Unemployment in Malta remains lowest in Europe
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The rate of unemployment in Malta for the month of March in 2022 remains the lowest in all of Europe. 

According to official statistics published by Eurostat, this trend continued to build on previous reports of low unemployment rates on the island in previous months. 

Eurostat showed that Malta had an unemployment rate of 3%, with a decrease of around 1% over the rate of the same month from last year, 2021. 

The rate of unemployment in Malta in March was lower than half the average of the European Union, which registered at 6.2%, and the European zone, which ranked at 6.8%. 


Post Malone reveals he’s going to be a father for the first time

Post Malone reveals he’s going to be a father for the first time
May 4 2022 Share

Grammy-nominated artist Post Malone has just revealed that he is about to become a father for the first time in his life with his longtime love.

‘I’m excited for this next chapter in my life, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, and for since I could remember I was sad’ he told TMZ. 

The 26-year-old rapper, whose real name is Austin Richard Post, said that it is time to take care of his body, family and friends, ‘and spread as much love as we can every day’. He held a bash in Southern California this past weekend in honour of the forthcoming family member. 

The child will be the first ever for the artist, with his girlfriend staying out of the limelight as the pair are content keeping the relationship private. 

The Rockstar and Circles singer made headlines already last week as he revealed that the release date for his forthcoming album ‘Twelve Carat Toothache’ is June 3rd, racking 45 minutes of new music. 

He said that the tracks on the record speak more to how he is feeling at the moment: ‘the ups and downs and the disarm and the bipolar aspect of being an artist in the mainstream.’ He said he chose artistry over commercialism by keeping the song count lower. 


Say it with a bouquet! Check out these lovely Mother’s Day gifts from Romano Cassar Florists

Say it with a bouquet! Check out these lovely Mother’s Day gifts from Romano Cassar Florists
May 4 2022 Share

Mother’s Day is finally here and if you, like many others, find it difficult to secure just the right gift on time by Sunday 8th May, you may look no further. If you want to present your mother with an elegant gift which perfectly encapsulates the love and care she has always provided, renowned local brand Romano Cassar Florists have got you sorted with their selection of gorgeous Mother’s Day bouquets!

With a vast range of floral ensembles up for grabs, together with a selection of classy add-ons and a super convenient delivery service to Malta & Gozo, you can consider this year’s Mother’s Day gift sorted. Don’t wait until the very last minute and present your mother with the gorgeous token of appreciation she truly deserves. Because when you mention flower delivery, Malta has one name: Romano Cassar Florists.


Classed as ‘the ultimate definition of beauty’, the Aurora bouquet is a simple yet eye-catching arrangement which is sure to make a statement on Mother’s Day. It is made up of a mixture of alstroemeria, spray roses, berries and fine foliage and is sure to brighten up any place.

The brand’s ‘Deluxe’ option also includes 10 eloquently-packaged Baci chocolates to definitely include the right amount of sweetness into your mum’s special gift.

My Fairy

As appropriate a name as ever, My Fairy is Romano Cassar Florists’ novelty for Mother’s Day 2022 and it is elegance in its finest form. This selection offers “preserved real flowers that live for years of memories and moments.”

Packaged in the brand’s super recognisable and ultra elegant carton tube, the My Fairy is a dainty centrepiece which will certainly add a touch of class to any room it is placed in.

It’s For You

This bouquet of fresh blooms will bring cheer to any spot and leave a lasting impression with their vibrant mix of seasonal colours. Breathe new life into any space and let this gift reflect your mother’s everlasting energy and dedication with such a timeless, opulent gift.

The It’s For You arrangement combines a mixture of alstroemeria, spray carnations, spray roses and a mixture of fine fillers and foliage.

Pink Delight

“The ultimate combination of pink blooms”; Romano Cassar Florists’ Pink Delight is a testament to the brand’s dedication and eye for detail, providing a bouquet which is the epitome of elegance and beauty.

The bouquet combines an eye-catching mixture of 3 pink roses, alstroemeria and berries as well as a fine mixture of fillers and foliage which will certainly brighten up your mother’s day.

My Gift

This bouquet’s touch of orange immediately caught our eye. The My Gift bouquet is a unique and lively selection which still brings the same amount of elegance and luxury to a Romano Cassar Florists’ arrangement.

Brighten up your mother’s day this Sunday with this mixture of roses, alstroemeria, freesia and foliage and if you’re feeling fancy, why not add some Baci chocolates, a special personalised gift and a Mother’s Day card?

For You

An eclectic mixture of colours and textures with a gorgeous palate of pinks, purples, white, greens and everything in between, the For You arrangement is described as the ultimate definition of happiness and rightfully so.

This bouquet combines a mixture of alstroemeria, spray carnations, freesia, yellow & lilac fillers and a mixture of fine foliage, adding the right amount of pop to any space it is put in.


Last but not least from our selection is the eye-catching and lovely Femme arrangement; a vibrant and energetic floral arrangement which will definitely land a smile on your mum’s face this mother’s day.

This selection includes a mixture of alstroemeria, spray roses, berries and a mixture of fine fillers and foliage which will not only brighter the room, but brighten up your mother’s day this Sunday!

Bottom line is, don’t be one of those people this year. Save yourself the stress of panic-buying something with little to no thought and take a look at Romano Cassar Florists’ website to ensure you give your mother the gorgeous gift she deserves this year.

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