More COVID roadmap measures announced for weddings and travel

More COVID roadmap measures announced for weddings and travel
Feb 4 2022 Share

Health Minister Chris Fearne announced several new measures regarding the back to normality roadmap. Here are the details: 


  • As of Monday 7th February, Mater Dei visitations will be extended, with details announced soon. 
  • Measure limiting 4 households in homes and private residences will be removed 
  • Vaccine certificates from Maldives and Jordan will be recognised for travel


  • As of 14th February, people with valid certificates coming from dark red countries will have quarantine reduced from 14 to 10 days
  • People with Maltese ID cards and/or work permits will be able to quarantine in their own home instead of quarantine hotels. 


  • From 21st February, primary contacts can quarantines 5 days instead of 7. 


  • As of 1st of April, weddings with standing guests will be able to increase the number from 100 to 300. These numbers will increase in later months. 


Watch: eeetwell’s Winter menu is the kind of warmth we need this season

Watch: eeetwell's Winter menu is the kind of warmth we need this season
Feb 4 2022 Share

With the Winter season seemingly operating at full force, nothing feels better than a warm, hearty plate of food to beat the cold temperatures. Thankfully, eeetwell’s new Winter menu has finally dropped and it is chock full of seasonal goodies which not only look great and taste great, but will make you feel super.

The four brand new Winter items are a whirlwind of vibrant, nutritious ingredients which are guaranteed to get you through the day with a smile on your face. Feast your eyes and choose from the Cauli Rice Bowl, Halloumi Bowl and Miso Mushroom Bowl and complement your choice with an anti-oxidising Turmeric Tonic, which is the ideal cosy top-up for when it’s cold outside. These four super selections are not only guaranteed to make you feel warm on the inside but will strengthen your immune system and prepare you for the harsh weather conditions…

but that’s not all. Here at Malta Daily, we couldn’t help but take it one step further. Since we first went online, Malta Daily has grown into a vast and diverse community with one common trait; we all enjoy good food. That’s why we reached out to YOU,  our readers, to give out 15 free meals courtesy of our friends at eeetwell! This initiative not only allowed us to put a smile on the faces of members of our community, but provided some fresh, wholesome bowls and smoothies whilst doing it!

*video embedded here*

Want to be part of our next community project? Keep an eye on our socials for even more of what you’ve just seen!


First year post-secondary students to receive €300 free internet vouchers

Post-secondary students to receive €300 free internet vouchers this week
Feb 4 2022 Share

Addressing a live press conference at Junior College, Malta, Education and Sports Minister Clifton Grima and Economy Minister Silvio Schembri announced €300 free internet vouchers for students. 

The Ministers revealed that first year post-secondary students will start receiving the vouchers for free internet as of this week. The initiative was announced as part of last year’s budget. 

This was announced in addition to the €100 cheque that all students will also are receiving, which was announced on this week by Prime Minister Robert Abela. 

The vouchers will be sent this week but can be used as of next Monday 7th February 2022 and will be valid until 15th July. 

Through an investment of €1 million, 3,300 students will be benefiting from a year of free internet. The Education Minister said the through this measure, students will be given an incentive to continue their education and development. 

Economy Minister Silvio Schembri said that this is the second edition wherein students will be given a voucher, showing how the government is prioritising the educational phase of a young person’s life. 


Proposal to put cyclists at par with pedestrians in car accident cases

Proposal to put cyclists at par with pedestrians in car accident cases
Feb 4 2022 Share

Rota, a local environmental NGO, has put forward a set of proposals ahead of the upcoming general election which aim to be inline with a vision for sustainable mobility. 

Rota said that the bicycle should not just be an afterthought in the planning and infrastructure of the island. ‘On such a small island, where the average commute is only a few kilometres, we want to see the bicycle seriously considered as one of the main modes of transport.’ 

Focused on cycling advocacy, a set of 17 proposals serve as solutions to guide the government’s efforts to give everyone the opportunity to use the bicycle as a viable means of transportation. 

The proposals include increasing commuting by bicycle, legally protecting bicycle users and pedestrians, insurance cover for bike users and incentivising sustainable transport. 

An emphasis on lighting and CCTV cameras to increase safety was also included, as were narrower car lanes, separated sustainable infrastructure in main roads, better and more regular bike racks and the adoption of suitable design standards. 

The NGO highlighted contraflow exemptions for cyclists, the respect towards sustainable transport infrastructure, safer residential roads, use of country roads and the encouragement of multi-modality in terms of transport.

Last but not least, the NGO called for more pedestrianisation, a safe cycle network and the consultation of civil society and citizens. Rota said that an avenue must be made available in which legal action can be taken against authorities that fail to adhere to the legalisation. 


Photo Source: Rota FB