Monday July 3rd Was Hottest Day World Ever Recorded

Monday July 3rd Was Hottest Day World Ever Recorded
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According to new data by the US National Centres for Environmental Protection, last Monday, July 3rd 2023, was the hottest day ever recorded in the world. 

The average global temperature reached 17.01 degrees, which surpasses the 2016 August record of 16.29 degrees Celsius. 

As heatwaves begin to once again hit various parts of the globe for the summer, North Africa saw temperatures reach up to 50°C, whilst China saw a heatwave kicking up temperatures above 35°C. 

Antartica, despite its frozen environment and currently in its winter season, saw ‘anomalously high temperatures’. 

The Ukrainian Vernadsky research base, currently in the frozen Argentine Islands, recently broke its July temperature record with a reading of 8.7°C. 

Jeni Miller, executive director of the California-based Global Climate and Health Alliance, an international consortium of health organisations, said: 

“People around the world are already enduring climate impacts, from heatwaves, wildfires and air pollution to floods and extreme storms. Global warming is also exacerbating crop losses and the spread of infectious diseases, as well as migration.”


Accident On Mrieħel Bypass Jams Traffic

Accidents On Mrieħel Bypass Jams Traffic
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An accident which seemingly involved a car and a motorcycle was reported on local social media after it led to a traffic jam on the flyover leading from Mriehel bypass direction towards Santa Venera. 

Police officers were seen on site, but it is currently unknown whether or how many injuries were sustained due to the accident. 

Road authorities are currently advising commuters to avoid the area if possible due to the traffic and roads being reportedly closed going in the southern direction. 

UPDATE: Official police reports confirm that a 23-year-old Indian man resident of Fgura was driving a Toyota Yaris Cross lost control and crashed into a pole. 

As a consequence, the car swerved onto the opposite carriageway and crashed into a Keeway motorcycle driven by a 25-year-old Indian man resident of Ħal Safi. 

They were given medical attention, with the motorcyclist taken to Mater Dei and certified to have suffered grievous injuries. 


‘We Only Address These Issues When Something Bad Happens’

'We Only Address These Issues When Something Bad Happens'
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Taking to social media, Nationalist MP Darren Carabott issued a moment of silence for the victims of various social issues over which ‘a lot of talk has taken place, but not much substantial action.’

Darren highlighted the issues of drug and substance abuse, domestic violence, air and environmental pollution, endangered workers, dangerous driving and traffic fatalities as well as the taboo over mental health.

Having addressed the issues through flash cards, the MP said it is better to actually break the silence about these topics which he argued are only addressed when something bad happens. 

‘When something happens, everyone speaks about it. After a while, everything moves on. Before we find a solution, we must first admit that these problems have been with us and are still growing’, said the MP.

He urged people not to put down people who are actively talking about these various subjects and that it is useless to perceive Malta as a ‘modern country’ when there are basic issues which lack any control.

‘And if those who are supposed to do something about these issues doesn’t want to listen, we should raise our voices higher so that they hear us’.

‘If we take action today, we can save a life today. Tomorrow may be too late’, finished Carabott. 


Breaking The Taboo Of Suicide – Ryan Barbara Speaks Out

Breaking The Taboo Of Suicide - Ryan Barbara Speaks Out
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Taking to social media, OASI Foundation Assistant Facilitator Ryan Barbara, addressed the social taboos surrounding suicide. 

‘When I hear about a case of suicide, I am driven to both tears and anger at the same time’, wrote the NGO facilitator. ‘If we don’t do something, this number will continue to grow and, before you know it, it will be someone close to you or me.’ 

‘I speak out because I know what it means to be in that moment of darkness, of sadness and loneliness’, he wrote. 

Barbara called for various actions we should work towards as a society, including more awareness, normalising seeking help when it comes to mental health, asking why the youth are only finding it as the only solution and investing into mental health education from a young age. 

‘Social media platforms should use their influence to raise awareness on suicide, so we can remove this taboo once and for all. We cannot continue being afraid of this phenomenon as this will only increase the number of cases, not decrease it.’

Barbara ended his plea by encouraging anyone reading the post and feeling like they require help to send a message and reach out. ‘Sometimes, all we need is someone who listens without judgement’. 

If you, or someone you know, feel like help is required when it comes to mental health and suicidal thoughts, please contact 1579.