Missing 20-Year Old Girl Found Confirms Police

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After today’s shocking news that 20-year old Francesca Zammit went missing, the police have released an official statement that Francesca has been found safe and alive.

Earlier police confirmed that Zammit before being lost and found was last seen in the Luqa vicinity.

Later in the statement the police thanked those who helped them in their pursuit for Francesca and helped them for any information people provided to them.


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PN Wants More Focus On Metal Health

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The Nationalist Party has released a statement to  show their intent call on the government to focus on the issue of mental health more and give it the care it deserves.

From statistics gathered by Parliamentary Questioning from the Nationalist Party it has become clear to the party that suicide rates in Malta especially for people under the age of 30 has increased in recent years.

Data presented at a Health Parliamentary Meeting even revealed cases of suicide in individuals as young as 14 in recent years. According to the party this all shows that despite various initiatives regarding mental health, it is not enough and that there is a need for a deep analysis to find effective solutions to reduce the number of suicides in our country.

In recent months, the Nationalist Party has put forward several proposals to improve Malta’s mental health system, especially for children and youth. The PN also wants to see investment in the environment, education, and overall quality of life.

This official statement was done with the aid of Shadow Minister for Youth and the Creation of New Spaces Bernice Bonello and Shadow Minister for Primary Care and Mental Health Ian Vassallo


Dog Mourns at Owner’s Funeral In Touching Video

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A touching video has captured hearts across social media, showing a dog named Rex crying at his owner’s funeral. The video, shared by Facebook user ‘Max Ine’, depicts the deep bond between the pet and his late owner.


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In the emotional footage, Rex is visibly grieving, heard crying with a solemn demeanour that illustrates the profound impact humans can have on their animal companions. The video has resonated with many viewers, highlighting the genuine emotions animals often exhibit in response to loss.

Max expressed gratitude towards those who supported the family during this difficult time, saying, “On behalf of my father and sister, we’d like to thank anyone who attended the funeral and was there for us during these moments.” The post and its accompanying videos have not only showcased Rex’s loyalty but also reminded viewers of the deep, often unspoken connection between pets and their owners.


Restoration of Vilhena Fountain in Floriana Unveiled

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A significant milestone in Malta’s cultural heritage was celebrated yesterday as the restoration project of the Vilhena Fountain in Triq Sant’Anna l’Floriana was officially inaugurated.

The project, spearheaded by the Department for Public Works, represents a commitment to preserving the island’s historical landmarks for future generations.

The inauguration ceremony, attended by Parliamentary Secretary for Public Works Omar Farrugia, along with the Mayor and councillors of Floriana, marked the culmination of extensive efforts to revive the iconic fountain. Years of neglect had taken a toll on the statue, architecture, and functionality of the fountain, rendering it inoperable and in need of urgent restoration.

With an investment of approximately two hundred thousand euros, the restoration project aimed to breathe new life into the cherished monument, which holds significant cultural and historical importance for the people of Malta. Parliamentary Secretary Farrugia emphasised the fountain’s role as a symbol of national heritage and underscored the government’s commitment to safeguarding such treasures.

“This fountain is part of our national heritage, and therefore we could not allow this precious heritage to continue to be lost,” stated Parliamentary Secretary Farrugia. “Thanks to the very good work done by the Public Works workers, we are giving back to the people this wonderful monument so that it can continue to be enjoyed in the best possible way.”

Architect Marvienne Camilleri, the project coordinator, outlined the meticulous restoration efforts, which included delicate work on the pedestal, ornaments, lion statue, and fountain basin. Additionally, a new water and lighting system has been installed to enhance the fountain’s aesthetic appeal, honouring its nearly 300-year-old legacy.

Furthermore, to ensure the safety and security of the area, a state-of-the-art CCTV system has been deployed, providing 24-hour monitoring of the fountain and its surroundings. These measures underscore the importance of preserving the Vilhena Fountain, designated as a Grade No. 1 monument by the Planning Authority, the highest level of protection for cultural heritage sites.

Photo Credit: DOI