Ministry pairs two owls as part of biodiversity revival project

Jan 15 2021 Share

The Ministry for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning has reported its entry into the third phase of its biodiversity revival project by pairing the first two barns owls, with the names of Tyto and Alba.

Named after the scientific name for the barn owl, Tyto Alba, the birds will eventually be reintroduced to the wild through an initiative by the FKNK.

Minister Aaron Farrugia also announced the introduction of security cameras in Buskett to protect the farmhouse, protected birds and avoid crimes like vandalism, theft or fire.

The Ministry has also set up a livestream for the barn owls which can be viewed here.


HSBC charges €5 fee for people with less than €1,250-€2,300 deposits over 3 months; Consumers’ Association condems it

Jan 14 2021 Share

The Consumers’ Association has condemned HSBC for charging its clients a €5 fee if they do not deposit more then €2,300 over a period of three months (€1,250 for people over 61).

The Association claimed that this targets low-income earners and pensioners unfairly. Apart from this, the bank will also be adding more charges for bank services.


Lapes releases new song, ‘Il-Mawra”!

Jan 14 2021 Share

Lapes has released a song which he previously debuted on Malta’s Got Talent. The song goes by the name of, ‘Il-Mawra’ and features Nadine.

The song is written and sung in Maltese and describes a young boy’s experiences with his grandfather. It’s full to the brim with advice the grandfather gave the boy as well as very powerful words and messages.

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Youtube suspends President Donald Trump’s channel

Jan 14 2021 Share

Youtube has now officially suspended President Donald Trump’s channel. The suspension should last for a week and maybe even longer.

His channel was suspended on account of the sharing of material which incited violence.

Youtube has also given a warning to the White House’s Youtube channel for sharing content which might lead to violence.