Minister Roderick Galdes Reveals Success Of “Nikru biex Nassistu” Scheme

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During a press conference, Minister for Social and Affordable Accommodation Roderick Galdes revealed that over the past two months, a notable number of property owners have participated in the innovative government subleasing initiative, “Nikru biex Nassistu,” leasing out more than 100 apartments.

Through this scheme property owners rent their property to the Housing Authority in order to be used for social and affordable housing. Minister Galdes emphasized that by repurposing existing private and vacant properties for social and affordable housing, the initiative not only expands housing availability and accessibility but also revitalizes the local economy.

Minister Galdes also revealed that since the implementation of the “Nikru Biex Nassistu,” scheme more than 350 private owners have rented out over 1,000 apartments, now serving as social and affordable housing.

Minister Galdes concluded by attributing the success of the scheme to the government’s forward think and innovative ideas, stating that “Our vision is founded on motivation and social justice whilst ensuring the wellbeing of families,”


Minister Silvio Schembri Delivers Speech At Annual Enterprise Innovation Conferece

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Minister for the Economy, Enterprise and Strategic Projects Silvio Schembri delivered a speech at the annual  Enterprise Innovation conference hosted by Malta Enterprise. This event largely served as a platform for networking and brought together various different entrepreneurs in Malta to discuss a multitude of topics.

The central theme of this year’s conference was the pivotal role of digital transformation in enhancing the value creation capabilities of Maltese enterprises. It highlighted the various support mechanisms available to facilitate this transformative journey.

Minister Schembri highlighted the importance of various Maltese organizations  including Malta Enterprise, Malta Digital Innovation Authority, Gaming Malta, Malta Life Sciences Park, and Kordin Business Incubation Centre which all share the same ambition the government has  towards innovation.

Minister Schembri stressed that fostering an environment of innovation not only makes Malta more attractive to investors but also stimulates local business growth.

CEO of Malta Enterprise, Kurt Farrugia outlined the company’s framework to support innovation across various sectors and industries. He also revealed that economical development does not only mean the fostering of new businesses but also the revitalization of existing ones to ensure their stability and competitiveness.

Malta’s commitment to innovation extends beyond Malta Enterprise, with the Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA) also playing a crucial role in promoting innovation in the country. Setting up MDIA five years ago positioned Malta at the forefront of innovation, with similar initiatives becoming mandatory across the EU.


€70 Vouchers To Encourage People To Adopt More Animals

€70 Vouchers To Encourage People To Adopt More Animals
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The media campaign known as the Adopt a Pet Scheme, launched last year, has successfully encouraged numerous individuals and families to adopt pets from the Directorate of Animal Welfare.

Following a careful monitoring period by department members to ensure the well-being of the adopted animals, vouchers worth €70 are now being distributed to adopters to assist with veterinary care expenses.

This announcement was made by Alicia Bugeja Said, the Parliamentary Secretary responsible for Animal Rights, during a press conference.

She stressed the importance of more people choosing to adopt domestic animals, thereby offering care and affection to the many abandoned pets.

“Today’s distribution of vouchers is a token of appreciation for those who have opted to adopt these domestic animals,” remarked the Parliamentary Secretary.

Furthermore, she affirmed that the government remains committed to providing support and incentives for animal caregivers. “We will continue to be advocates for animal welfare and to champion their rights,” she asserted. “We will incentivize those who support animals through various schemes, including this one and others planned for the future.”

In conclusion, the Parliamentary Secretary expressed gratitude to all the employees of the Directorate of Animal Welfare for their dedicated efforts in the community. Meanwhile, Joseph John Vella, the Director of the Directorate of Animal Welfare, emphasized the ongoing commitment of the department to protect animals, especially those unfortunate enough to be abandoned. He encouraged more people to consider adopting these animals by visiting Għammieri or accessing the adoptapet.gov.mt website.


Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne chairs UN Meeting on Combating Antimicrobial Resistance

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Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne  chaired a significant consultation session at the United Nations, gathering Member States and Observers to discuss the Political Declaration on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR).

Under Chris Fearne’s guidance, Malta has been at the forefront of initiatives aimed at urgently tackling antimicrobial resistance.

Antimicrobials which include antibiotics, antivirals, antifungals, and antiparasitics are all types of medicines which are taken to combat infectious diseases. AMR or Antimicrobial Resistance occur when bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites no longer respond to antimicrobial medicines.

Antimicrobial resistance represents a critical global health challenge. Due to the misuse of antimicrobials it is projected that the average global life expectancy will diminish by around 1.8 years over the next decade.

Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne urged various world leaders to quickly address the ever alarming issue and outlined 5 essential priorities to achieve an effective political declaration about AMR.

These 5 priorities include :

  • Think Globally, Act Locally – He explained that whilst we need global solutions, effectively addressing AMR threats needed strong National Action plans which address divergent national realities and needs.


  • Investment in R&D – Investment in research and development of new antimicrobials is key, however investment must also be linked to access to existing antimicrobials across the globe especially in low- and middle-income countries.


  • Set Targets  Targets in the Political Declaration must be clear and measurable, under the direction of an independent panelWe need to move towards actionable outcomes.


  • Just Transition – Minister Fearne noted that actions intended to address AMR in a One Health approach will undoubtedly impact the operations of small and medium sized agricultural activities amongst others and therefore the Political Declaration needs to provide for a fair and just transition.


  • Consistent Monitoring – We need to see a strong monitoring mechanism, sending a strong signal of our commitment to address this existential threat.


Fearne later stated that while we are the first ever generation to have access to antimicrobial medicines we have to make sure that we are not the last.