Michael Jackson’s Iconic MoonWalk Hat Up For Auction

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Michael Jackson's Iconic MoonWalk Hat Up For Auction

On September 26, Hotel Drouot in Paris will host an auction featuring around 200 pieces of rock memorabilia. 

The standout item is Michael Jackson’s iconic black fedora, anticipated to fetch between €60,000 and €100,000.

However, organizer Arthur Perault acknowledges that valuations for Jackson’s belongings have declined due to concerns about the sale of counterfeits and accusations against the late pop star.

The fedora gained fame when Jackson wore it during a televised Motown concert in 1983, where he performed “Billie Jean” and introduced his signature move, the moonwalk. 

Adam Kelly, a spectator, picked up the hat, expecting Jackson’s team to retrieve it. When they didn’t, he held onto it for years before it passed through private collectors, eventually landing in Paris for auction.

Other notable items on the block include a guitar owned by blues legend T-Bone Walker (estimated up to 150,000 euros), a suit worn by Martin Gore of Depeche Mode, and one of Madonna’s gold records. 

Additionally, a section of a wall from the recently closed Paris venue Bus Palladium, bearing the signatures of rock luminaries, is valued at 5,000 to 8,000 euros. Co-organizers Lemon Auction made waves last year with the sale of Noel Gallagher’s smashed guitar from the night Oasis disbanded, which fetched 385,500 euros. 

This month, Freddie Mercury’s belongings, including the piano on which he composed “Bohemian Rhapsody,” garnered a total of 46.5 million euros at Sotheby’s, drawing bidders from 76 countries.



Touching Interview Of Late Joseph Zammit Resurfaces

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Touching Interview Of Late Joseph Zammit Resurfaces

Minister for Home Affairs, Security, Reforms and Equality Byron Camilleri shared an interview late Civil Protection Department officer Joseph Zammit sat for to honour his selfless and heroic nature. 

‘It is too tragic to have a worker go out on the job and not return’, wrote Camilleri. ‘I have been forwarded this interview of Joseph Zammit during which he describes how amazing it is to help others.’ 

‘Rest in peace. The whole country knows of the important service you provided throughout the years’, the minister said to honour his memory. 

In the interview on ONE’s Breakfast show, Zammit appealed for others to join the cause and acknowledged how most in the force very often look after other people’s lives far more than they do their own.

Zammit was asked by the interviewers whether he keeps in contact with those he helped or saved, to which he reveals that some do in fact return to thank them and express their gratitude. 


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Maltese Encounter Migrants Out At Sea Whilst Sailing

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Maltese Encounter Migrants Out At Sea Whilst Sailing

A video uploaded to Instagram by a group of Maltese shows the moment they encountered a group of around 70 migrants making their way to Lampedusa on a green boat. 

The Maltese were heading to Lampedusa from Tunisia when they encountered the migrants, and they went on to offer them aid through water and other resources.

The Maltese lost sight of it when day turned into night, and they communicated the coordinates to the Italian authorities. 


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They received a reply a few hours later, with the Maltese stating they are assuming a rescue attempt was carried out later on. However, they did not receive an answer about the status of the migrants. 

‘We do hope those 70 souls are ok and made it to safety. Everyone deserves a chance to a better life’, said the Maltese.


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9 Month Old And 43 Year Old Man Grievously Injured In Car Accident

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9 Month Old And 43 Year Old Man Grievously Injured In Car Accident

Yesterday, at around 2315hrs, police were informed of a traffic accident which occurred in Vjal l-Indipendenza, Mosta. 

Police convened immediately on site and preliminary investigations showed that a crash had taken place between a Volkswagen Golf, driven by a 34 year old man resident of Ħamrun, and a Peugeot, driven by a 43 year old man from San Ġwann. 

Riding passenger in the Volkswagen was a 22 year old man from Rabat, a 20 year old woman from Valletta and a 9 month old baby.

The 43 year old and the baby were given medical assistance on site and later transported to Mater Dei Hospital via ambulance. They were both later certified as having suffered grievous injuries. 


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