Mental Health First Aid Courses Amongst Year 9s in All Schools

May 31 2024 Share

Addressing the challenges of mental health within the community truly is possible, but the community must first be sufficiently informed and trained to assist those facing this challenge. This was the message sent by Dr. Lydia Abela during a discussion with Year 9 students at the Żejtun Secondary School, after they completed a mental health first aid course.

The course, part of the ‘SPEAK’ initiative, aims to raise awareness about mental health and is now offered to ninth-grade students in all schools. Funded by donations from the ‘Smiles with Miles’ initiative and the Bank of Valletta, the course is a result of collaboration with the Richmond Foundation.

The course helps students understand how to provide initial assistance to individuals with mental health challenges. Dr. Abela worked closely with the Foundation and the Commissioner for Mental Health, Dennis Vella Baldacchino, to develop the course, which trains students to identify signs of mental health issues. The 25-hour course is also available to educators, emphasising sensitivity and empathy. So far, around five thousand students and three hundred and thirty educators have participated.

Dr. Abela emphasised that mental health should be a regular topic of discussion and addressed appropriately. She highlighted the importance of society supporting everyone to recover and live better lives, promoting awareness and prevention.

Also present were Education Minister Clifton Grima and Health Minister Jo Etienne Abela, who praised the initiative for aligning with the Government’s vision and demonstrating that mental health involves more than just treatment and medication.


19-Year-Old Suspected of Placing Bomb Labour Headquarters Arrested

19-Year-Old Suspected of Placing Bomb Labour Headquarters Arrested
May 31 2024 Share
The police have revealed that a 19-year-old Santa Venera resident has been arrested on suspicion of the individual being behind the explosion reported on Thursday within the Mile End vicinity, Hamrun.
The individual was arrested at a Hamrun garage, where the police found the explosives matching the ones used the day before together with other material.
As a precaution, the police evacuated the residents in the garage’s vicinity. Investigations held by the police and the Ammuniation and Explosives squadron within the Armed Forces of Malta are currently under way.
📷 Daniel Micallef / Keith Abela

Experience the Ultimate Summer Escape at FLO: Malta’s New Rooftop Beach Club

Experience the Ultimate Summer Escape at FLO: Malta’s New Rooftop Beach Club
May 30 2024 Share

As summer approaches, St. Julian’s is set to unveil its latest gem – FLO, an adults-only rooftop beach club promising an unparalleled blend of luxury and leisure. Perched high above the bustling urban streets and nestled between the architectural marvels of the Mercury Tower, one of Zaha Hadid’s final masterpieces, and the iconic Portomaso Tower, FLO is poised to become the epicentre of Malta’s vibrant summer scene.

Experience the Ultimate Summer Escape at FLO: Malta’s New Rooftop Beach Club

At FLO, your taste buds are in for a treat. The beach club offers an exquisite menu featuring a fusion of Mediterranean and Asian cuisines, crafted to perfection. Indulge in fresh, vibrant dishes that capture the essence of summer, paired with colourful, hand-crafted cocktails that are as delightful to the eye as they are to the palate.

Experience the Ultimate Summer Escape at FLO: Malta’s New Rooftop Beach ClubMusic lovers will find their haven at FLO. With a bold lineup of DJs and live performances, the club promises an electric atmosphere that keeps the energy high from day to night. Whether you’re soaking up the sun by day or dancing under the stars, the beats at FLO will keep you moving and grooving.

Designed for ultimate relaxation, FLO features a temperature-controlled pool set at a perfect 28 degrees, ensuring a refreshing dip no matter the time of day. Plus, with free parking available, your journey to this rooftop paradise is as hassle-free as can be.

Flo SkypoolThis summer, let FLO be your go-to destination for relaxation, entertainment, and unforgettable memories. Dive into a world where modern architecture meets culinary excellence and vibrant nightlife.

Book your summer escape now: https://floskypool.com/


Kyra’s Mum Releases Statement In Defence Of Daughter

Kyra's Mum Releases Statement In Defence Of Daughter
May 30 2024 Share

Taking to social media, Love Island Malta Season 2 contestant Kyra Pecorella’s mum issued a statement in defence of her daughter after some of the drama seems to be directed at her.

‘Drama, drama, and more drama—that seems to be the theme of this year’s Love Island, and right now, it is mostly being directed at Kyra’, wrote Claudia Pecorella.

‘As her mum, I’m watching closely, and while I’m incredibly proud of her, it breaks my heart to see the hate she’s receiving online.’

‘And to those so-called “friends” from school who think they know Kyra—if you really knew her, you’d be lifting her up, not tearing her down.

To anyone who does know Kyra or wishes to get to know her excluding all these images portrayed online, she is a very independent girl.’

She also spoke about the situation with Jake, saying that despite initially being with Jake, Kyra may have felt that it wasn’t what she was looking for.

‘She discussed this with him and moved on. As seen on TV, Jake might have remained hopeful and this lack of space is what had driven Kyra to her comment for a private conversation.

We only get to see 45-60 minutes of 24- 48hrs worth of filming inside the villa filled with 10-12 people, and of course, it’s the most dramatic moments that make the cut.’

‘Either way, a lovely message to my daughter: Keep shining, Kyra! Enjoy every moment and we all miss you immensely. Remember, what goes around comes around.’