Mellieħa Mayor Decided: Independent Deputy Mayor

Gabriel Micallef To Serve As Mellieha Mayor, Matthew Borg Cuschieri Deputy Mayor
Jun 29 2024 Share

Gabriel Micallef of the Nationalist Party announced on social media that, after a mature discussion among elected councillors, an agreement was reached to honour the majority vote.

Consequently, Micallef will be the new mayor and Matthew Borg Cuschieri will serve as deputy mayor for the five-year term.

This announcement followed Labour’s proposal to appoint Borg Cuschieri as mayor, despite the council being hung after the June 8 elections, with both Labour and the Nationalist Party winning four seats each and one seat going to an independent.

Labour suggested Borg Cuschieri for mayor for the full term and proposed alternating deputy mayors from each party for two and a half years.

Borg Cuschieri acknowledged Labour’s proposal but emphasised the need to respect the democratic vote distribution.

Initially offering a shared mayoral term with the PN, Borg Cuschieri eventually accepted the role of deputy mayor under a Nationalist mayor, maintaining his independent stance and rejecting coalition claims with the PN.

The Nationalist Party welcomed the agreement as a reflection of Mellieħa residents’ wishes. The local council plans to implement the PN’s electoral program while considering other campaign proposals.

Almost half of Mellieħa’s 13,000 eligible voters participated in the election, with the PN receiving 49%, PL 41%, and Borg Cuschieri 8%.


Italy Eliminated From Euro 2024 After Loss To Switzerland

Italy Eliminated From Euro 2024 After Loss To Switzerland
Jun 29 2024 Share

Current holders Italy have officially been eliminated from UEFA Euros 2024 after a 2-0 loss to Switzerland.

The Italians failed to find the net in the first match of the knockout stages, a.k.a Round of 16.

This means Switzerland will be moving to the quarter finals, and will be facing either England or Slovakia.


Moviment Graffitti Protest In Joseph Portelli’s Qala Pools

Jun 29 2024 Share

Earlier this morning, a protest against “Joseph Portelli’s illegal pools in Qala ODZ” was organized by the NGO Movement Graffitti. Armed with spray paint and flares, activists took over the Gozo site that they claim is being “illegally developed.”

Moviment Graffitti explained how their main goal is to uncover the “rigged system” that planners uphold, which allows developers to take advantage of gaps in the law and planning-related flaws.

The NGO further explained stating “When, in 2021, it was reported that developer Joseph Portelli and his associates had begun digging two enormous pools without permits in Qala’s ODZ, Moviment Graffitti immediately reported the illegality to the Planning Authority,”

“Joseph Portelli even publicly admitted that while it was true that there was no permit for the works, he claimed to have done nothing wrong as he was sure he would be eventually granted the aforementioned permits,”

They continued on by revealing that “In fact, after a while, he did apply for the permits for two illegal pools on ODZ land, and after a few months, the Planning Authority approved them.”“Moviment Graffitti and the Qala Local Council banded together and appealed these permits. The courts revoked the permits and declared the pools illegal.”


Dangerous Spikes Found In Ghar Lapsi Removed

Jun 29 2024 Share

Very dangerous spikes found on the slip way at Ghar Lapsi by local diving enthusiast Raniero Borg whilst doing a clean up at the Maltese bay.

He revealed that he had found something similar at the Qawra Point swimming pool and that after pointing out the potential hazard to authorities the beach was closed in order to remove the spike.

The same thing has happened in Ghar Lapsi as only 24 hours after Raniero’s post, Borg announced that the dangerous spike was removed and asked his followers to notify authorities if they ever see any potential hazards.