Meetings will move to the Metaverse within 3 years predicts Bill Gates

Meetings will move to the Metaverse within 3 years predicts Bill Gates
Dec 15 2021 Share

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has predicted that the future of remote work meetings is set in the Metaverse… and it will be with us in three years. 

The claim was part of a much broader commentary made by the philanthropist on his blog GatesNotes where he reviewed the difficulties faced in 2021 but also positive prospects going into 2022. 

‘We’ve all had to adapt to a ‘new normal,’ although what that looks like is different for every person. For me, the result has been a year spent mostly online’ he said. 

He expressed interest in how technology can create more spontaneity with remote work moving forward, with the pandemic too revolutionising how people approach their jobs and lifestyles. 

Despite this futurist future being a possibility given time, three years does seem to be a bit of an abrupt shift in the work place. Most people, Gates himself acknowledged, won’t own the VR kit currently required. 

Maybe the technology will arrive to schools and universities first, making for educational programmes which address social anxieties and more interactive learning experiences without having to leave the class room. 


Photo Source: VentureBeat, ABC 33/40

Jason Azzopardi highlights Justyne Caruana’s three potential crimes as investigation opens

Education Minister may have committed three crimes as police open investigation
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Malta’s police will be opening a criminal investigation into Education Minister Justyne Caruana and the €5,000 monthly contract she handed out to former footballer Daniel Bogdanovic. 

The investigation was requested to be opened by Standards Commissioner George Hyzler in his report into the entire case. In it, he concluded that the minister used her discretion ‘in a way that constitutes an abuse of power and broke with the ministerial code of ethics.’ 

Meanwhile, Nationalist MP Jason Azzopardi has warned that the Minister may have committed at least three crimes when awarding the amount to the former footballer.

Speaking to Newsroom Lovin Malta, Azzopardi said that the most serious of these potential crimes is embezzlement – defined by law as the misapplication or purloining of public funds for their own benefit or that of another person/entity. 

Those found guilty of such charges are liable to imprisonment terms of two to six years and perpetual general interdiction, which would disqualify them from public office.

The second alleged crime is making false oaths, which is punishable by a jail term of four months to one year. The third alleged crime is that of making false declarations or information to a public authority. This crime bears a prison sentence not exceeding two years or a fine. 

In a Facebook post, Azzopardi said that this case is way more serious than Castille wants you to believe it is’. He said that Prime Minister Robert Abela is ‘so compromised and blackmailed that he cannot even take steps in a case of crime in his Cabinet.’ 

This is an ongoing investigation. 


Photo Source: Justyne Caruana FB, Jason Azzopardi FB

1 million doses of the COVID vaccine administered in Malta

1 million doses of the COVID vaccine administered in Malta
Dec 15 2021 Share

Prime Minister Robert Abela revealed that as of today, Wednesday 15th December 2021, Malta reached the 1 million mark in COVID-19 vaccines. 

Abela said that the achievement was due to the ambitious decisions which were taken at the appropriate time given the epidemiological situation in Malta. 

Malta daily Facebook 970x90

He went on to thank all the workers engaged in the vaccine rollout all across Malta and Gozo. He also said that the biggest form of gratitude would be to preserve all that we have achieved by following the measures and receiving the booster vaccination. 

Till yesterday, 997,459 doses were administered, 158,607 of which were booster shots. Health Minister Chris Fearne also took to social media to announce the achievement, urging everyone to get their booster to keep the rollout successful. 


Photo Source: Chris Fearne FB, Robert Abela FB

How to craft the ultimate hamper for Christmas

How to craft the ultimate hamper for Christmas
Dec 15 2021 Share

Hampers have become a go-to gift during the festive season and for good reason. The goodie-packed parcels are the pure definition of Christmas celebration and Guido Vella Cash & Carry in Qormi has it all… but there’s a science to crafting the perfect hamper for Christmas.

Personalisation is important because hampers are all about spoiling whoever’s receiving them with a treasure trove of treats. The family-run business gives patrons the opportunity to create their own hamper and alter as necessary to suit the liking of the lucky recipient. From chocolate to booze and everything in between, carefully curating the components of hamper is so much easier when you have a wide variety to choose from.


The beating heart of every Christmas hamper, a bottle of the recipient’s favourite booze is an essential and Guido Vella Cash & Carry have a lot to offer in that department. From premium brands from the exclusive collection like Bladnoch Scotch Whiskey and special edition Johnnie Walker Blue Label to classics Chivas Regal and Jägermeister, they truly have it all. Lest we forget the extensive selection selection of wines, gins and vodkas but fear not, if strong spirits aren’t your thing, you can always throw in a case of iconic Estrella Garcia beer.

In our honest opinion, you can never go wrong with a nice premium bottle to embellish the hamper, but if you just want to throw in a cheeky Aperol for the spritz lovers, they’ve got you sorted.

May be an image of bottle, indoor and text that says 'IT'S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT Like Christmas AT BLADNOCH CU'


What’s a hamper without chocolates? These lovely morsels of goodness are the ultimate symbol of festive indulgence and a mainstay in every single hamper. When you wake up in the middle of the night craving something sweet, these chocolates will be there for you so make sure you pick the right ones. Thankfully, you can’t go wrong with Guido Vella Cash & Carry. From Cadbury Milk Trays to Ferrero Collection boxes, there’s definitely something for everyone.


You CAN’T forget the panettone. Controversial as it may be, a Panettone is as Christmas-y as it gets and whether the recipient is a lover of the sweet bread or has yet to understand the significance of the panettone in Christmas lore, a hamper isn’t really a hamper without a panettone. However, if you want to ease into it or switch it up with a Limoncino or Amaretti Cake before you present the OG, you can. From the classic panettone with raisins and sultanas to a Capuccino flavoured Italian cake, this Qormi store provides quite the selection and your hamper is sorted no matter what you choose.

Pro Tip: Make sure you try La Torinese, a traditional Italian panettone which is hand-crafted to absolute Christmas perfection.



Picture this. Christmas Day, 6PM, post-Christmas lunch. You’re brewing a cup of tea to cope with the spine-chilling temperatures of Malta’s winter. Before you plunge into the depths of your sofa under a blanket, you head towards the cupboard for a few biscuits and there are none. That’s why putting a few packs of Di Leo biscuits in your hamper offers not only an indulgent treat for your post-lunch cravings, but peace of mind that you have something to accompany your hot beverage when you truly need it.

May be an image of dessert

However, if you’re reading this and feel that you are too busy to curate a personalised hamper or just feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, Guido Vella Cash & Carry also offer a ready-made selection of Christmas hampers and boozy bargains, so fear not, because you’ll be sorted either way. And if that weren’t enough, Guido Vella are donating €1 from every hamper to Puttinu Cares, which means that you are not only gifting the ultimate hamper, but doing some good in the process.

You can check out the entire Christmas collection by visiting their website or visiting their store in Amleto Spiteri Street, Qormi.