Meet Maximilian Saliba; the multi-talented designer from Gozo who can do it all

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Shining a light of Malta’s creators, one artist at a time. Meet Maximilian Saliba; a talented designer, illustrator and printmaker from Gozo.


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Starting art & design from a young age, the Gozitan creator experimented with different mediums, exploring graphic design and printmaking. From branding to magazines, web design and everything in between, Max is also a self-taught printmaker specialising in silkscreen printing and design.

Max has collaborated with various artists, including Jimmy Grima from Tiny Island Studio and Rubber Bodies Collective. Together, they created limited-edition silkscreen prints inspired by local surroundings showcased at local events.

Saliba has also collaborated with renowned artist and designer Mike Ross on various projects, including works for famous artists such as Murray Head, Karel Fialka, Elton John and London’s Abbey Road Studios.


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Despite his success, Max still works as a creative designer, and, in 2019, he set up his print studio called ‘Island of Print’ on the island of Gozo. The studio’s main concept is to build a community of artists to collaborate and create editions of silkscreen prints.

If you want to support Max, visit his website www.maximiliansaliba.com or Instagram @maxsaliba or @islandofprint


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Man reportedly injured in Mġarr field on farming equipment

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Man reportedly injured in Mġarr field on farming equipment

A medical team and police are currently on site investigating an injury suffered by an individual on farming equipment, most possibly a tractor. 

No details of the victim’s condition are currently available as the authorities are on site giving first assistance and conducting preliminary investigations. 

The incident happened at around 1515hrs and more details are to follow soon. This is an ongoing case. 


Bad Bunny being sued for $40 million by ex for using her voice in songs

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Bad Bunny being sued for $40 million by ex for using her voice in songs

Bad Bunny’s ex-girlfriend is suing him for approximately $40 million due to the use of her voice on one or two of his hit songs. 

The woman who can be heard saying ‘Bad Bunny, baby’ on two of the songs, ‘Pa Ti’ and ‘Dos Mis 16’, is Carliz De La Cruz. 

In a lawsuit filed in a Puerto Rican court, De La Cruz’s lawyers have stated that her voice and the phrase she came up with are being used without her permission. 

The song Pa Ti, the suit notes, had more than 335 million views on YouTube and more than 235 million streams on Spotify. 

Meanwhile, Dos Mis 16 has topped 60 million YouTube views and 280 million on Spotify. The lawyers stated that the success of the songs have caused De La Cruz to feel ‘overwhelmed and anxious.’

The artist’s ex-girlfriend has reportedly received various comments on the voice being used in such a way. The lawsuit claims that in 2015, the artist decided upon his stage name and asked his then girlfriend to record herself saying it. 

The pair got engaged a year later but ended up breaking up in the same year. De La Cruz also states that she was offered $2,000 for the recording in May of 2022, but she declined. 



February 2023 was one of the wettest with 70% of winter rainfall

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February 2023 was one of the wettest with 70% of winter rainfall

The meteorological winter produced 70%, or 257.4mm, of rainfall during a wetter than average February. 

The Meteorological Office revealed that, with 181mm of rainfall measured, last February went down on the records as one of the wettest Februaries the Maltese Islands ever experienced. 

The ninth day of the month was the wettest as over double the amount of rain befell the Maltese Islands. On the 9th of February, 140.4mm of precipitation were measured in Luqa as Storm Helios battered the islands. 

The day was also the month’s gloomiest, together with the 7th day, with no sunshine recorded. 

The Office was prompted to extend the strong wind warning for the following day, as the 10th of February saw the strongest wind gust of 49 knots. February was generally calmer than expected, with the wind speed averaging at 7.9 knots rather the monthly climactic norm of 9.4 knots. 

Carnival Weekend also went ahead as the weather stabilised. The month’s sunniest day, ‘bathed in 9.1 hours sunshine’, fell on the final day of Carnival festivities. 

The temperature peaked at 18.8 degrees Celsius on the morrow, while the lowest temperature was registered six days into the month at 5.3 degrees Celsius.


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