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Meet Jonathan: Oldest known animal in the world at 190

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Meet Jonathan, At 190 He Is The Oldest-Known Animal In The World

The oldest known living terrestrial animal in the world, Jonathan has lived through:

  • the terms of all 14 Maltese Prime Ministers;
  • two World Wars;
  • the invention of the light bulb;
  • Malta’s British occupation AND part of the French occupation.

In fact, he hatched in the Seychelles in circa 1832, making him an astounding 190 years old. Too bad he did not play Lottoland’s Cash4Life draw, that pays €1000 every day. Ahh well, there were no shell phones and internet when he turned 18 anyway.

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Study suggests energy drinks may lead to hair loss in men

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Study suggests energy drinks may lead to hair loss in men

If you’re pumping through the day by getting that needed boost through an energy drink, we might have some bad news for you. 

A new study published in a peer-reviewed journal called Nutrients has suggested a correlation between hair loss in men and the consumption of energy drinks and other sweetened beverages. 

The study performed a group of scientists in China from Tsinghua University found that those who chug large quantities of energy drinks as well as fizzy and/or sports drinks or sweetened teas or coffees are at greater risk of male pattern hair loss. 

The study required that participants consume one or more sweetened drink each day depending on which group they were in. The results showed that those who consumed more than one sweetened drink each day were at 42% greater risk of experiencing hair loss. 

Men who admitted to experiencing hair loss also claimed they consumed on average 12 sweetened drinks per week. Despite the results not solidifying the causation, the study of men aged between 18 and 45 did encourage more research to take place. 

Other factors were found to impact the hair loss, including mental health issues and anxiety. Healthy diets were also noted to be useful in mitigating it. 



London ranked best city in the world for year 2023

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London ranked best city in the world for year 2023

Trying to find the next destination for your first 2023 trip? Or maybe you’re considering completely moving to a new home. Well, we have you covered as, according to the annual ranking by consultancy group Resonance, London is the best city to live in for the year 2023. 

Resonance ranked the UK city above Paris and New York City, dubbing it the capital of capitals. London has received acclaim for its post COVID-19 pandemic recovery as well as its navigation of Brexit. 

Most notable of all was the restaurant scene, with Kinoya in Harrods shining in the spotlight. The summer Platinum Jubilee celebrations were also mentioned following the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II. 

The top five list was topped by Tokyo and Dubai respectively, followed by Rome, Madrid and Singapore populating the top 10. 

If you’re wondering, Valletta did not make the cut on this Top 100 list, with the bottom spot reserved for Marseille. The list did however give an honorary mention to Ukraine’s Kyiv as it undergoes the bombardment by Putin’s neighbouring Russia. 

Check out the full list here.


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Opposition leader announces passing of mother Frida

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Opposition leader announces passing of mother Frida

Nationalist Party leader Bernard Grech has announced the unfortunate passing of his mother, Frida on social media. 

Grech posted a social media post in verse, saying that her suffering has now ended and that his mother’s feast with the Lord has begun.

‘You have now been freed from the bonds of a weak body and can fly without difficulty’ said the politician. 

‘The heart is heavy and the sadness great, but I am happy that you are reunited with my dear father.’

‘Go dear mother in grace, and thank you for the care, love and lessons that you gave to me. Keep blessing us’.

Grech’s father John passed away aged 90 in September of last year. 

On behalf of MaltaDaily, we offer Grech’s family our sincerest condolences during such times. 


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