McDonald’s to finally test the meatless McPLant burger

 - Food - Oct 18
McDonald’s to finally test the meatless McPLant burger

The McPlant, the aptly named McDonald’s plant-based burger, is being test across the USA in eight different restaurants. Anticipation for this vegetarian and vegan friendly sandwich has been quite high as it the fast-food chain could finally cater for all meat-free diners. This comes about a year after McDonald’s ended its pilot of P.L.T, another Beyond Meat branded burger. 

The last this newsroom contacted McDonald’s to inquire whether or not this burger will be made available, a spokesperson said that the McPlant is one of the many products under consideration. Despite not yet coming to our shores, this latest development in testing can boost the pace as to when local plant-based people can finally get a taste of this delicious looking sandwich. McDonald’s is just one of many food chains piloting such products, with even the likes of KFC and Subway also attempting something similar. 


Photo Source: The Verge, Beyond Meat

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