McDonald’s Luqa first Maltese restaurant with Autism-Friendly quiet room

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McDonald’s Luqa first restaurant with Autism-Friendly quiet room

The Malta International Airport McDonald’s branch in Luqa just became the very first restaurant in Malta to open an autism-friendly room and set hours dedicated to such inclusivity. 

The branch equipped the space with noise-cancelling headphones, sensory toys as well as having its environment designed in consultation with Prisms Malta and the Autism Parents’ Association. 

Despite being accessible to all customers, the branch pledged to prioritise it for people with autism and/or sensory difficulties. Customers dining in the establishment who disrespect the rules of the space will be asked to move to the lobby. 

Furthermore, every Monday and Thursday between 3pm and 4:30pm will be dedicated as Autism Friendly hours. This will see the restaurant having lights and sound lowered, with staff being trained to understand autism. 

Inclusion Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli attended the launch of the initiative, praising the McDonald’s branch and expressing hope that other restaurants follow suit in this inclusion. 


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Over-65s to receive voluntary invitation for second booster soon says Fearne

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Over-65s to receive voluntary invitation for second booster soon says Fearne

Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne revealed on Sunday morning that people over the age of 65 will soon start to receive invitations for a second COVID-19 booster shot. 

Fearne was speaking on ONE TV, and revealed that the rollout to over-65s will be following the rollout of the second booster to over-80s and vulnerable peoples. 

He highlighted how the first booster was already very effective in reducing spread and keeping symptoms to a minimum. Despite seeing a rise in cases, ITU hospitalisations remained veery low at two or three patients at a time. 

Fearne emphasised that the second booster will be giving an extra dose of protection to whoever feels they need it. This came with the news that Malta is among the EU countries pushing to phase out red and dark-red listed countries. 

“Eventually, there will be no more red or dark red countries. It won’t matter where you’re coming from as long as you have a vaccination certificate, a recovery certificate, or a negative PCR test” he said, calling it a milestone in the journey to normality. 


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How can the PN communicate it’s vision to the people better asks Metsola

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How can the PN communicate it’s vision to the people better asks Metsola

Speaking during an exclusive interview with Fabian Demicoli on behalf of MaltaDaily, EP President Roberta Metsola reflected upon the state of the Nationalist Party and how it could improve its communication of its message for future elections. 

Interviewer Fabian Demicoli asked her what she thinks might be wrong with the PN due to its electoral losses, or whether it’s due to the Labour Party being better due to the massive voter gap.

Metsola responded by saying that members of the party need to look inwards at the party itself to see how the communication of the message could be improved as well as to see what society and the electorate wants to see from the party. 

Metsola also said that she will still be following closely the party’s leadership election and that she looks at the unitary aspects of the party instead of the divisions. She said that the Nationalist Party managed to bring in many different people with diverse ideas and gave them a home, and that helped it govern throughout the years and make difficult choices where need be. 

She said that this approach helped the PN develop Malta into a modern country, as well as give space to both nationals and foreigners to feel welcome. Metsola explained that such a forward-looking vision to improve the party needs to be kept in mind, both in the local scene for the future of the party, but also when it comes to the European level.

She reminded people that she is still elected on behalf of the Nationalist Party in the European Parliament. She said we need to look to the youth who are going to be entering the voting scene and what they want to see their governments doing. By looking inwards, the party can set proposals and a vision for the future, said Metsola, and that can help it improve its standing overall. 


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Robert Metsola doesn’t miss Malta as she feels like she never left

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Robert Metsola doesn't miss Malta as she feels like she never left

Speaking during an exclusive episode of MaltaDaily’s ‘The Interview’ with Fabian Demicoli, EP President Roberta Metsola stated that she doesn’t really miss Malta because she feels like she never left the island. 

Demicoli asked her about a recent photo which was uploaded to social media which showed the EP President during the Resurrection celebrations, and whether or not these are the things she misses about her home country. 

Metsola responded that she doesn’t really miss them because she attends them every year and visits her roots as much as possible. She also went on to explain how, due to having grown up in a religious family, such celebrations and processions are the most wonderful things for her. 

She said that these are moments that provide her with some respite from her EP duties, but also show her the Maltese passion to safeguard and keep tradition alive. Metsola said that these are traditions which the Maltese should be very proud of.

Demicoli also asked her about her presence during these ceremonies, as now she no longer attends them as an MEP or just another political candidate but as President of the European Parliament. She said that despite some more security protocol, she is still ‘Roberta from Gzira’ and that she engages in the festivities as just another Maltese citizen. 


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