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Maui Death Toll Rises To 67: Hawaii’s Deadliest To Date

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Maui Death Toll Rises To 67: Hawaii’s Deadliest To Date

The death toll resulting from the destructive wildfires that have swept through Maui escalated to 67 on Friday. 

The ongoing firefight against Hawaii’s deadliest natural catastrophe led to the confirmation of 12 additional fatalities, surpassing the 61 deaths from the 1960 Hilo tsunami. 


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Hawaii governor Josh Green acknowledged the likelihood of more fatalities, emphasising the uncertainty of the final count.

Efforts to recover victims were hindered by hazardous conditions within buildings, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) was expected to assist in this process. Residents of Lahaina were permitted to return to assess the devastation, revealing the profound destruction on Front Street, a central part of the island’s economy. 

The disaster’s swift onset shocked survivors, prompting reflections on the absence of effective warnings. While Hawaii boasts an extensive all-hazard public safety warning system, it appears that the emergency management records show no activation of public warning sirens. Instead, alerts were disseminated through mobile phones, TVs, and radios, but connectivity disruptions might have limited their reach.

The disaster response has raised questions, with concerns about access to vital supplies for those trapped or in need. West Maui continued to face water and power shortages, and hazardous conditions hindered search and rescue operations in certain areas. 


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Bail For Two Teens Who Assaulted Courier With Hammer

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Bail For Two Teens Who Assaulted Courier With Hammer

Two 16-year-olds have been granted bail while awaiting sentencing after confessing to assaulting a food courier with a hammer, seizing his motorbike and cellphone. 

The incident transpired as the victim delivered an order near the Marsaxlokk football ground, prompting him to report the assault and robbery at the Birżebbuġa police station.

Apparently dissatisfied with the food, the recipients purportedly initiated an altercation with the courier. Allegedly, one of the defendants punched him, while the other employed a hammer, resulting in damage to the courier’s teeth. 

Subsequently, the assailants fled on the stolen motorbike, taking the victim’s phone.

The teenagers’ identity was uncovered through their booking records. Initially claiming homelessness, one teenager, accompanied by his mother and legal counsel, later confessed during interrogation. 

He guided the police to an abandoned alleyway residence where the stolen bike was concealed, already repainted to obfuscate evidence.

The prosecution posited that the premeditated act was evident due to the bike’s alteration. Both teens admitted guilt to multiple charges, including theft, wrongful detainment, assault, and attempted bodily harm. They were also accused of concealing evidence and trespassing.

While one defendant’s counsel suggested supervision, the other’s attorney cited cooperation and youthful misjudgment, advocating for probation. Pending their sentencing next week, they were released on bail, obligated to sign a bail register biweekly, secured by a €200 deposit and a €10,000 personal guarantee. To preserve their anonymity, the court imposed a name disclosure ban. 



Get Ready To Embark On An Electrifying Journey At Esplora With Gears & Wheels!

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Imagine the roar of engines, the screeching of tyres and the rush of wind against your skin. The world of racing is exciting and full of adrenaline. With Esplora, you now have the chance to dive deep into the heart-pounding mechanics that is the racing world.

Gears & Wheels: Unveiling the Science of Racing Cars is a two-day event, scheduled for Saturday 19 August and Sunday 20 August, which will give an opportunity to visitors to explore the captivating realm of automotive science like never before. From simulated car rides that put you in the driver’s seat to the discovery of the cutting-edge technology propelling the world’s fastest vehicles.

One of the event’s highlights is a race-car simulation that will allow the visitor to step into the driver’s seat and experience the sensation of a racing track. For this event, Esplora has also collaborated with the University of Malta’s racing team to showcase a formula-style race car and delve deeper into the various facets of cutting-edge technology employed in race cars. There will also be interactive stations that will help visitors gain insights into the engineering marvels of these incredible machines.

And for those with a competitive edge, there will be a Gears & Wheels eSport competition. Put your skills to the test with Gran Turismo and contest the top spot. A champion will be crowned and rewarded with a fantastic prize.

Mark your calendars for August 19 and 20 and get ready to ignite your passion for speed, science and spectacle. For more information about Gears & Wheels, click here.


Introducing Tequila Rose: Your Ultimate Summer Indulgence

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Introducing Tequila Rose: Your Ultimate Summer Indulgence

As the summer sun graces us with its warm embrace, there’s one drink that’s making waves and turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories: Tequila Rose. If you’re in search of the perfect summer beverage that’s both indulgent and refreshing, look no further.

The Original Strawberry Cream Liqueur

Tequila Rose stands as a testament to the beauty of innovation in the world of spirits. Imagine a silky-smooth concoction that marries the boldness of tequila with the lusciousness of strawberry cream. It’s a fusion that breaks boundaries, as Tequila Rose was the first to pair cream with something other than Irish whiskey. This daring innovation gave birth to a flavour profile that’s as daring as it is delightful.

A Symphony of Flavours

What makes Tequila Rose truly exceptional is the harmonious interplay between its rich strawberry cream and the electrifying bite of tequila. With every sip, you’re treated to a symphony of flavours that dance across your palate. The sweetness of ripe strawberries mingles with the distinctive tang of tequila, creating a balanced and satisfying experience that’s unlike any other.

A World Best-Seller

Tequila Rose has captured the hearts and taste buds of countless individuals around the globe. Its reputation as the world’s best-selling strawberry cream liqueur is a testament to its exceptional quality and unparalleled taste. When you choose Tequila Rose, you’re indulging in a drink that’s been celebrated by enthusiasts everywhere.

The Official Drink of Unforgettable Nights

Tequila Rose isn’t just a drink; it’s a catalyst for unforgettable moments. It has become the official drink of Girls’ Nights everywhere, embodying the spirit of camaraderie, fun, and connection. The love people feel for Tequila Rose is not just about the drink itself, but the shared joy of experiencing it together.

Endless Possibilities

While Tequila Rose is best enjoyed as a chilled shot, its versatility knows no bounds. From crafting delectable cocktails to blending adult milkshakes that redefine indulgence, the possibilities are endless. Add a touch of strawberry kick to your morning coffee or elevate your favourite cocoa recipe. You can even infuse your cakes with the delightful essence of Tequila Rose.

This summer, let Tequila Rose be your companion in crafting memorable moments. Whether you’re raising a glass with old friends or making new connections, the richness of strawberry cream and the thrill of tequila await.



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