Massive Turnout For Summer Carnival 2023

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Massive Turnout For Summer Carnival 2023

Thousands attended the ‘Karnival tas-Sajf’ (Summer Carnival), which was held once again after a three year hiatus by Festivals Malta. 

This year, the festival was held in three different locations: Birżebbuġa, St Paul’s Bay and Marsaskala, with the collaborative effort of the respective local councils. 

In total, 11 carnival floats participated in parading through the localities for local families and tourists to enjoy. 

Minister for National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government Owen Bonnici said that Karnival tas-Sajf is an opportunity to establish the massive talent possessed by Maltese artists. 

Through such cultural events, the touristic product of our country is strengthened, with Maltese families having enjoyable experiences right outside their doorstep. 

The Minister thanked the entire team of Festivals Malta as well as the local councils for their hard work to hold the events. 

On his part, Chairperson of Festivals Malta Aaron Zahra expressed satisfaction at how, after three years, the Summer Carnival saw a large turnout. ‘The tourists present showed a lot of interest to that provided in the past few days, so much so that they asked about the Carnival held in the winter months.’

Chief Executive of Festivals Malta Frans Agius also expressed his satisfaction with the success and the turnout, highlighting the artistic spectacle. 

As the summer carnival comes to a close, Festivals Malta reminds the public that the 2024 Maltese Carnival will take place between the 9th and 13th of February 2024.


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This Is How Imsida Will Look Like

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This Is How Imsida Will Look Like

Infrastructure Malta has introduced the transformative Msida Creek Project, a significant road development venture that also encompasses a 10-year operational and maintenance phase. 

This initiative focuses on redesigning and reconstructing the key road network between Msida and Ta’ Xbiex, aiming to ease traffic congestion while promoting more sustainable urban spaces. 

With 60% of the area dedicated to open public spaces, the project places emphasis on pedestrian-friendly environments and eco-friendliness. It incorporates provisions for alternative transportation modes, as well as a covered communal parking area adorned with solar panels. 

Beyond road reconstruction, the project incorporates a new seawater channel to combat flooding, enhances public transportation links, and incorporates eco-conscious features, such as over 5,200 square meters of landscaped gardens.

Infrastructure Malta’s Msida Creek Project marks a significant advancement in the nation’s road infrastructure. Spanning a decade of operations and maintenance, the project reimagines the arterial road network from Msida to Ta’ Xbiex, focusing on enhancing traffic flow and urban livability. 

A primary goal is addressing traffic light congestion that has impeded smooth commuting. By allocating 60% of the project space to open public areas, the endeavor prioritizes pedestrian comfort and a greener urban environment. 

Aligned with Malta’s sustainability objectives, the project integrates provisions for alternative transportation, introduces secure communal parking equipped with solar panels, and introduces a vital seawater channel to mitigate flooding. Augmented public transport connectivity and the integration of sustainable design elements, including extensive green spaces, further underscore the project’s holistic approach to urban improvement.

The Msida Creek Project announcement has been met with enthusiasm by Maltese residents who recognize its potential to alleviate long-standing traffic challenges and enrich the overall urban landscape. 

However, their optimism is balanced by a plea for effective traffic control and management throughout the project’s implementation. Past instances of prolonged road maintenance and construction undertakings have left commuters and residents contending with disruptions that have occasionally escalated into protests.


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San Giljan Waterpolo Team Celebrate Victory Over Sliema

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San Giljan Waterpolo Team Celebrate Victory Over Sliema

San Ġiljan secured their fourth consecutive Knock-Out title by defeating Sliema in the final on Sunday. 

This victory marked their eighth title in the last nine years. The Saints have had an exceptional season, winning four titles so far: the Winter League, President’s Cup, Enemed Cup, and now the Knock-Out title. 


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They’re even on track for a remarkable quintuple crown for the first time.

Jokovic’s three early goals and Younger’s contributions helped secure the win. San Ġiljan led throughout the match, with Sliema catching up three times. 

Despite a tense first session, San Ġiljan maintained a slight lead.

The second session saw fewer goals due to rushed shots, and the woodwork saved San Ġiljan from a potential goal. 

Jokovic’s goal increased their lead, but Sliema fought back. Younger’s goal reestablished the lead before halftime. The match remained closely contested, even when Sliema had advantages.

Sliema made a comeback in the third session, but San Ġiljan stayed ahead. In the final quarter, despite Sliema’s efforts, San Ġiljan’s defense held strong. Goals from Nikolai Zammit and Younger secured a four-goal lead, ending the match 12-9.



Maltese Cross Features In Netflix Series ‘At Home With The Furys’

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Maltese Cross Features In Netflix Series 'At Home With The Furys'

The recently released ‘At Home With The Furys’, which details heavyweight champion Tyson Fury’s retirement from boxing, featured a familiar cameo for us Maltese.

During episode 7, which has Tyson Fury and his wife on vacation in Cannes France, the Maltese cross features for a brief moment as a flag flows in the air on the boat they are on. 

The flag appears behind the couple as they enjoy some food and drink together. 

Meanwhile, the series itself was massively praised by critics for its depiction on mental health, as it showed the boxer’s day to day struggles. 

This is due to Fury being diagnosed with bipolar back in 2017, with the athlete struggling with depression, anxiety and substance abuse with alcohol and cocaine. 

The nine-episode reality series, released earlier this week, follows the heavyweight world champion as he retires from boxing and embraces family life.

Did you watch ‘At Home With The Furys?’


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