Massive rise in cases could see UK going for COVID Plan B

 - COVID-19 - Oct 20
Massive rise in cases could see UK going for COVID Plan B

Just as life seems to have gone back to normal in the UK for millions, the rise in cases has prompted scientists to recommend the imposition of another round of health restrictions. In July, Prime Minister Boris Johnson lifted all the legal restrictions which had been imposed more than a year earlier, including face coverings indoors and social distancing. However, the UK recorded 43,738 new cases on Tuesday, which is slightly lower than Monday’s 49,156. This was the largest number since mid-July. 

The average of new infections has tipped more than 44,000 a day over the past week, a 16% increase from the week before. A fear of a big spike dominated after the lifting of measures in July but this didn’t happen. Instead infections remained high, with the rising starting just recently. More worrying is that the cases started to rise significantly in children as they remain largely unvaccinated. 

Hospitalisations and deaths are also seeing a significant rise, averaging 130 a day over the past week. Tuesday alone saw 223, with Britain recording more than 138,000 deaths which is the highest total in Europe following Russia. Britons have however gone to pre-pandemic lifestyles, with masks and social distancing evidently absent. Even proof of vaccination to attend nightclubs, concerts and other events was dropped. 

Scientists are now warning at waning immunity. Despite having had a quick rollout at the start, with booster shots now being offered. Critics are stating that the program is going too slow, at about 180,000 daily. With more than half of the people who are eligible for the booster not having received one, scientists are keeping an eye out on a new sub variant of the delta variant which is contributing to the rise in cases. 


Photo Source: Sky News

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