Massive praise for video game based series ‘The Last of US’

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Massive praise for video game based series ‘The Last of US’

The newly episodic release of HBO’s ‘The Last of Us’, based on the popular video game series, has already began receiving massive acclaims from fans and TV viewers worldwide. 

The highly anticipated series debuted on the 15th of January in the US, introducing Joel and Ellie, as portrayed by Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. 

And fans are already buzzing as to how well the actors bring these iconic video game characters to life. The series follows these two characters and other survivors as they traverse a zombie-infested US. 

The first episode alone was a gut-punch, managing to build a character up in one half of a 1 hour and a half episode, with the actress in question already flooded with applause and acclaim. 

HBO is of course known for Game of Thrones, based off the books by George R.R. Martin, so hopes are high that ‘The Last of Us’ could be the next big television event, possibly even matching other acclaimed zombie series ‘The Walking Dead.’ We’ll have to watch and see!

Told across nine episodes, the weekly releases will be available on HBO for US viewers and on Sky Atlantic for UK viewers. 


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Piqué claps back at Shakira diss track by showing up for work in Renault Twingo

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Not only has Barcelona star Gerard Piqué heard ex-partner Shakira’s diss track, but has has seemingly taken it to heart by showing up to work in a Renault Twingo.


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This moves follows Shakira’s statement that he ‘traded a Ferrari for a Twingo’ when he started dating his new partner Clara Chia Marti.

Happy smiling for the camera whilst caught on video, the Spanish footballer parked his car amongst the more expensive line of cars when he showed up for his seven-a-side King’s League project in Barcelona.

Pique retired from football in November, making headlines once again recently after being engaged in a heated war of words with his ex-partner Shakira.



Stormy polar cyclone hitting Malta and Italy nicknamed Thor

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Stormy polar cyclone hitting Malta and Italy nicknamed Thor

According to various weather reports, the Maltese islands, along with the likes of Sicily and the rest of Italy, are set to be hit by a massive wintery storm.

Nicknamed Thor by some international figures, the thunderstorms are expected for Thursday January 19th, with temperatures dropping to a low 10 degrees Celsius. However, according to Facebook page Malta Weather, the temperatures may feel as cold as -1°C.

The trend, according to Malta International Airport weather forecasts, will continue all throughout the remainder of the week, with heavy winds and rain showers spread throughout. 

Hail can be expected at some points due to the polar maritime airmass extending towards the central Mediterranean. So if you had any weekend plans, you might want to revise them ahead of time as the islands are in for a stormy battering after registering a record dry year in 2022.


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Newly-setup ‘Project Green’ agency to coordinate largest environmental investment in Malta’s history

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Environment Minister Miriam Dalli has launched ‘Project Green’; a new agency that will be working and collaborating to deliver the largest environmental investment in Malta’s history.

Addressing a press conference at the Mdina Ditch, Miriam Dalli explained that Project Green will be in charge of coordinating and collaborating with other entities to create beautiful and accessible spaces across the island.

Steve Ellul was also announced as Chief Executive Officer of the new agency.

The Labour Government has pledged a €700 million investment, spread over seven years, to provide residents with open spaces, close to home. Project Green will thus work with all involved stakeholders to help deliver this pledge.

Minister Dalli explained that Project Green will operate on three pillars: sustainability, quality and collaboration. This means delivering quality projects that are also sustainable and in consultation with the community – each focusing on improving the quality of life.

In a nutshell, Project Green will help coordinate the delivery of green spaces that meet people’s aspirations. Particular attention will be given to ensure that projects are accessible and inclusive. Projects will respect the natural heritage and protect biodiversity.

More details on planned projects by Project Green will be given in the coming weeks and months.


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