Masks no longer obligatory on flights from May 16 says ECDC

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Masks no longer obligatory on flights from May 16 says ECDC

Wearing masks onboard flights will no longer be obligatory as of May 16th, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) announced. 

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the ECDC issued an update to health safety measures for air travel on Wednesday. This paves the way for relaxation of the need to wear masks during flights. 

However, the ECDC said that rules for masks in particular will continue to vary by airline beyond the date. Flights to or from a destination where mask-wearing is still required on public transport should continue to encourage the practice. 

The agencies both still recommend masks as one of the main protections against the virus, saying that vulnerable passengers especially should continue to wear a face mask regardless of the rules. 

The ECDC said in a statement that passengers are encouraged to observe distancing measures in indoor areas, including at the airport. 

‘But airport operators should adopt a pragmatic approach to this: for example, they should avoid imposing distancing requirements if these will very likely lead to a bottleneck in another location in the passenger journey, especially if they are not required at national or regional level in other similar settings.’


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Late Joseph Ellul’s partner pays touching tribute

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Late Joseph Ellul’s partner pays touching tribute

Tributes have been pouring in for 38-year-old Joseph Ellul, the worker identified as having died in an accident in WasteServ’s incinerator. 

Among those paying tribute were his partner, Bernice Bugeja, who, devastated by her loss, asked; ‘I love you, why did you leave me alone?’. 

She went on to reveal that they had just ended a phone call when the accident happened. ‘My love for you will never end.’ 

Tributes for the late Joseph Ellul also poured in on his grieving partner’s social media posts. Many expressed their condolences, urging her to keep courage and showing their compassion. 

The 38-year-old, known by many as ‘ix-Xlukkajr’, died at around 9am yesterday morning after he was allegedly caught in work machinery. WasteServ also took to social media to express their devastation at the death.

‘We note with deep regret that this morning a fatal accident occurred at our Thermal Treatment Facility in Marsa. At the moment, all our thoughts and energy are with the victim’s relatives and friends, and his co-workers who together formed part of our family.’ 

Politicians also expressed their condolences, among them Energy Minister Miriam Dalli. She said that ‘up until [yesterday] morning, Joseph went out for another day of work only to end up not finishing it. In such moments it is difficult to find words of condolences.’ 

Rest in Peace Joseph.




Maltese singer shows raw talent on TikTok and people are loving it

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Maltese singer shows raw talent on TikTok and people are loving it

Emma De Gabriele has been showing TikTokers her raw and pure talent, and they are all loving it. The young singer was even appointed Malta’s very own Youth Delegate to the United Nations, showing her wide range of capability and skill. And as for her voice, we’ll let the video speak (or sing) for itself! 


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Her TikTok is packed with covers of international hits but also original songs created by Emma herself. And her approach is absolutely serenading, showing her journey as she improves video after video. 


l-o-v-e by @Olivia Rodrigo 💓 let’s try keep my sanity with study breaks and ukulele playing !! #fyp #ukulele #oliviarodrigo

♬ original sound – emma 💓


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LESA to start using speed guns to reduce road accidents

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LESA to start using speed guns to reduce road accidents

In the coming weeks, Local Enforcement System Agency (LESA) officers will be using speed guns, aiming to reduce the amount of road accidents in areas highly associated with the problem.

In an interview with ONE News, LESA chief executive Svetlick Flores explained how the guns work with the same system as speed cameras, in that they use radars to detect the velocity of vehicles. 

The main difference between speed cameras and guns is that the latter allow for more mobility and thus can be utilised in different zones. 

Flores said that all roads indicate what velocity is required when driving on it, and that no law indicates that drivers need to be notified about the use of the speed guns. Police have already started to use the speed guns, but the need to extend to LESA was felt. 

Flores said that excessive driving is creating dangerous environments even in residential areas. School exits or crossroads are not exempt from such accidents and should thus require more attention. 

The speeding fines issued through speed guns will be used in the same way that other tickets are issued. The aim is to reduce the number of accidents and, by extension, injuries and fatalities which in recent days became a more prominent problem. 

Photo Source: ONE News

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