Marvel fans going crazy over first SpiderMan No Way Home trailer

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Marvel fans going crazy over first SpiderMan No Way Home trailer

It has been long awaited, but the first teaser trailer for SpiderMan: No Way Home has finally dropped. It doesn’t just remind us of where the previous instalment concerning Peter Parker left off, with everyone in the world finding out he was the web-slinging friendly neighbourhood hero. It also shows the fallout and Peter’s attempts to turn everything back to normal by getting help form local wizard Dr. Strange! 

But that’s not all. The magical shenanigans lead to the return of some villainous familiar faces. A Green Goblin bomb wrecks a bridge and the trailer ends with Doc Ock (role reprised by Alfred Molina) making his official MCU debut. These are just some of the surprises awaiting Marvel fans with rumours hinting at more past Spiderman actors reprising their roles for this big showdown. Nothing is confirmed yet, but this first trailer was everything Marvel fans were waiting for and more!



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Chris Fearne defends criticised robots at Mater Dei Hospital

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Chris Fearne defends criticised robots at Mater Dei Hospital

Following complaints by the Malta Union for Midwives and Nurses about Mater Dei robots Mario and Sophia, health minister Chris Fearne stated that the technology in fact increased efficiency in the wards, contrary to the union’s complaints. Speaking during a press conference this morning, Fearne stated that when a system is changed, such pushback is always to be expected. Despite providing adaptive challenges in the short term, the technology, according to Fearne, clarified that the system was introduced to help and not replace nurses. 

The MUMN has called the multi-million euro project was a total failure. Having been introduced to remove all human error, the system was reported to fail frequently in providing the correct dosages for patient medicine. Fearne disagreed with this statement, saying that the system actually improved Mater Dei’s functioning in all the wards it was introduced to. The health minister also disputed the claim that the Health Division is in denial and would not admit to using 25 million Euros of tax payer money on the machines. Fearne said this was false and the government had not yet paid anything for the system. 


Photo Source: Chris Fearne FB

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Facebook page set up to complete the late Julian Spiteri’s bucket list goals

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Late Julian Spiteri’s bucket list goals to be completed by NGO

19-year-old Julian Spiteri passed away suddenly in a car accident back in April, leaving the whole country shocked. Having written a bucket list at the age of 17, family and friends have taken it upon themselves to finish off what Julian dreamed about doing in his life, by setting up a Facebook page that was appropriately and beautifully called ‘Julian’s Bucket List Challenge’.  It is set to launch with a Malta-Gozo swim scheduled for the 2nd of September.

The organisers will be donating all proceeds to the Ladybird foundation this year. The swim was one of Julian’s many goals, and is  set to be completed by around 15 to 20 swimmers and around 20 kayakers made up of his friends, family and even some strangers. The list also included things like getting a PhD, seeing the Northern Lights and even milking a cow. This initiative is giving the opportunity for people to honour the young man whose time was cut short by ticking off as many items off the bucket list.


Photo Source: Julian’s Bucket List FB

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7 ways to live a genuinely happy life | by Ed’s Common Sense

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7 ways to live a genuinely happy life | by Ed's Common Sense


Learn to focus on developing a positive mindset.


Learn how to find a work-life balance.


Learn to celebrate on a daily basis your little achievements.



Learn the art of mindfulness.


Learn to embrace imperfection because it is part of life.


Learn to find creative activities that make you happy.


Learn to invest in physical exercise.

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