Marvel Avengers Campus to open in Disneyland Paris this summer

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Marvel Avengers Campus to open in Disneyland Paris this summer

Attention all Disney and Marvel fans – a brand new Marvel Avengers Campus is opening in Disneyland Paris this summer. And it is promising thrill-packed adventures for visitors of all ages. 

Disney made the announcement in a blog post, saying that fans will be able to channel their favourite Marvel superhero in the theme park. 

The post read; ‘Created by Tony Stark himself to discover, recruit and train the next generation of Super Heroes, recruits will be empowered to take an active role alongside Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.’ 

Two action-packed attractions will see fans sling webs like Spider-Man or flying into space with Iron Man and Captain Marvel. The park will open to the public on July 20th and visitors will be briefed by Stark himself. 


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Gozo tourism operators heavily dependent on foreign employees

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Gozo tourism operators heavily dependent on foreign employees

A new survey carried out by the Gozo Tourism Authority confirmed that the overwhelming majority of Gozitan tourism operators are reliant on foreign workers. 

The survey, which was published today, showed that 61% of Gozitan business claimed that over 70% of their staff compliment is made up of foreign workers. The survey covered the performance of businesses in Gozo between January and April this year. 

A range of businesses, from the accommodation sector, restaurants, diving centres, tour operators, travel agencies and even tourism consultancy firms, are part of this list. The GTA claimed that higher operating costs were the major business constraint for 77% of respondents. 

Staff shortages also proved to be a challenge, with 74% of all respondents touting this issue. Still, the GTA expressed optimism that 2022 will be the recovery year following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The GTA reported that, during the January to April period, businesses saw encouraging signs with 53% recording more business than the same period when compared to 2021. A third of establishments reported that their performance was the same, while 13% reported less business. 



Students create edible tape to make eating burritos easier

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Students create edible tape to make eating burritos easier

A group of students studying at John Hopkins have figured out how to ensure that a burrito will never fall apart. And the idea may just stick around (pun intended).

Engineering seniors in a John Hopkins’ product design course were tasked with creating an invention that would be useful for everyday life. 

And what would be more useful than ensuring that your delicious burrito does not crumble before you take your first bite? The all female team solved it with an edible tape that keeps all the food contents inside safe and sound.

The group started to research the different components that make up the real tape and found edible counterparts. After much trial and error, a tasteless, clear but strong product was produced. 

The product was finally given a name – Tastee Tape – and suffice to say, it stuck. It could also work on pitas, flatbread and wraps, but the students did not reveal the ingredients of the tape as they still aim to file for a patent. 



As many massage parlours as pastizzi shops – PN MP raises concerns

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As many massage parlours as pastizzi shops - PN MP raises concerns

The government was challenged on its inaction when it comes to the increase of massage parlours by Opposition MP Graziella Attard Previ. 

Speaking in Parliament, the MP said that it has long been known that the parlours are also acting as brothels and slammed the government or ignoring the blatant abuse. 

She quoted a study which found that workers are having unprotected sex and their movements are often restricted, exposing them to disease and exploitation in the process. Police, the MP said, have confirmed these claims repeatedly. 

‘Why are we allowing foreign women to be trafficked? There is a need for massage parlours to be regulated’ she said. She pointed at how the parlours are very often staffed by foreign nationals and questioned the qualifications of the workers. 

Previ asked whether the government’s denial of the problem is part of a policy to legalise prostitution and said that prostitutes inevitably end up being victims of exploitation. Up until 2016, there were around 200 registered such parlours in Malta. 

After 2016 however, the government removed licensing requirements for the establishments, meaning that figures would no longer be available. Times of Malta went on to report in 2019 how about 500 men who tested at the GU clinic over two years conceded to having sex with the workers. 


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