Marsalforn Waterfront transformed into fully pedestrian zone

 - Local - Jul 21
Marsalforn Waterfront transformed into fully pedestrian zone

A €3 million investment has gone into the Marsalforn Masterplan which transformed the zone’s waterfront into a fully pedestrian area. Prime Minster Robert Abela and Minister for Gozo Clint Camilleri inaugurated the project yesterday evening, as the area became a safe space for families to enjoy without any fear of traffic accidents. 

The Gozo Minister stated how the government wanted an open space for families to relax with their loved ones across the area. The Menqa area became pedestrianised, with vehicles having limited access except for in exceptional cases such as public transport and specific service times. 

A new coastal defence system and pavement are also being constructed. The defence system will keep Marsalforn Bay safe from the sea, along with storm water culverts to flush rainwater and avoid street flooding. The pier will also be rebuilt for fishermen, along with the instalment of a new lighting system. 

Prime Minister Robert Abela stated that the government has a clear idea of where Malta will be headed. He emphasised the creation of jobs and economical improvement. Gozo, however, should not simply follow along Malta’s rapid development blindly. He stated that we need to be careful not to repeat any mistakes which happened in Malta in Gozo. 


Photo Source: Clint Camilleri FB

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