Man threatens to blow up Nevada airport to see if aliens are real

Man threatens to blow up Nevada airport to see if aliens are real
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A man was arrested after allegedly attempting to hijack a plane to fly to Area 51 just to see if aliens are real. 

The unnamed man rammed security gates with a limo at the McCarran International Airport to steal a jet. He also reportedly made bomb-threats during the incident, and has been arrested for trespassing, dispersing hoax substances and threatening to commit terrorism. 

Officers from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department were called to the scene after there were reports of a vehicle performing doughnuts in the car park. 

When police arrived, the man told them he had a gasoline divide and a shotgun. 

After the incident, a search found an oxygen tank which was thought to be a fire extinguisher. It had wiring wrapped around it, looking similar to an explosive device. A major police response was sparked due to the incident, with the FBI also getting involved. 


Photo Source: The Conversation

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An honour to speak about Maltese culture – Jade Cini responds to costume criticism

An honour to speak about Maltese culture - Jade Cini responds to costume criticism
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Jade Cini, Malta’s very own Miss Universe, personally responded to criticism she received over her choice of costume as she represented our country. A post uploaded to a Facebook Group ‘Malta Dizastru Totali’ asked for the opinions of people in regards to Cini’s costume. 

The national costume ‘represents traditional feasts featuring a handprinted ‘pavaljun’ that is used to decorate the streets. It shows the scenery of churches and fireworks that make Maltese feasts a tourist attraction.’ The post was met with mixed reactions, some remarking their liking whilst others their dislike or going as far as to mock. 

However, Cini herself responded with a comment, thanking everyone for both the positive and negative comments, accepting everyone’s right for opinion. She continued to say that ‘the fact of people asking about our culture allows me to explain about our traditional Maltese festas and how we decorate our streets in such a unique fashion. This is an honour for me.’ 

Whatever your thoughts on the costume, it surely is a sight to behold as it captures many moments from Malta’s history in grand fashion.


Photo Source: Jade Cini IG

Restaurants and hotels call for wage supplement to continue into 2022

Restaurants and hotels call for wage supplement to continue into 2022
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As the new year draws ever nearer, hotels and restaurants have called on the government to continue paying the wage subsidies which covered their payroll during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association (MHRA) issued a statement saying that the industry would suffer from ‘irreparable damage’ if wage subsidies which provide life-blood for thousands of workers are halted. The MHRA is urging the government to extend the subsidies until at least March of 2022. 

A Brief History:

First introduced by the government in March 2020, the COVID-19 wage supplement was first introduced to stop bulk lay-offs from business which are forced to halt due to the height of the pandemic.

When non-essential businesses were ordered shut, the scheme was rolled out and is estimated to have cost around €44 million per month. The government claims that tens of thousands of jobs cross most economic sectors were saved due to this initiative. 

Later in July, a tapering-off plan was presented to the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development during a meeting with the government. The plan foresees the end to wage subsidy payouts by the end of this year. 

Back to this closing month of 2021, the MHRA commended the government for its aid to date. However, it highlighted how it is evident that there are still some long hard months ahead. 

‘MHRA appreciates that the government would like us to do more, but we do need to stay within the confines of what’s affordable and sustainable under realistic business conditions.’ 


Photo Source: Robert Abela FB, BusinessNow

Here are the pharmacies opening today 9am to noon

Pharmacies opening today 9am until 12pm and 4pm until 7pm
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Find your nearest pharmacy below: 

Hamrun: Brown’s Pharmacy, 706, St Joseph High Road;

San Gwann: Brown’s Pharmacy, 92-94, Mensija Road; 

Mellieha: Brown’s Pharmacy, 69, George Borg Olivier Street; 

Valletta: Empire Pharmacy, 77, Old Theatre Street; 

Santa Venera: Fatima Pharmacy, 82, Ferrovija Street;

Birkirkara: Pharmaplus, Ganu Street; 

Msida: Deby’s Pharmacy, 1 Misrah il-Barrieri; 

Sliema: Norman’s Pharmacy, 70, San Frangisk Street; 

Naxxar: Pillbox Pharmacy, 63, Bjad Street; 

Paola: St Monica Pharmacy, 157, Santa Monika Street; 

Vittoriosa: Milia’s Pharmacy, Cottonera Street;

Marsascala: San Gwakkin Pharmacy, 1 Sant Anna Street; 

Ghaxaq: Beta Pharmacy, 50/52, Santa Marija Street; 

Safi: Safi Pharmacy, St John Street c/w Bieb il-Garra Street; 

Siggiewi: Menelo Pharmacy, Tabib Nikol Zammit Street;

Rabat: Ideal Pharmacy, 63, Main Street; 

Malta International Airport: The ‘8 Till Late Pharmacy open everyday from 8am to 10pm 

Gozo: 9 am to noon 

Victoria: Abela Pharmacy, Bellavista Court, George Borg Olivier Street;

Gharb: Ta’ Pinu Pharmacy, Frangisk Portelli Street.