Man In Possession Of 30 Cocaine & Cannabis Packets Arrested

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Man In Possession Of 30 Cocaine & Cannabis Packets Arrested

A 31-year-old individual was taken into custody when discovered with 30 packets believed to contain both cocaine and cannabis. 

Law enforcement revealed that the substances were uncovered during a routine patrol on Triq Santu Wistin.

The man aroused suspicion due to his behaviour, prompting officers to approach him. In an attempt to evade authorities, he fled the scene. 

However, he was subsequently apprehended in a hotel, where he gained entry through a rear entrance.

During the arrest, a police officer sustained injuries. The authorities continue to conduct investigations into the matter.



This Summer, Embark On A Journey Of Discovery At Esplora!

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This Summer, Embark On A Journey Of Discovery At Esplora!

Summer is the time for families and friends to have fun together. Whether it’s a day by the beach, a barbecue at night or a trip abroad, there are several ways people can enjoy their summer. 

And when joined by their children during the school holidays, there is no better period to spend some quality time with one another.

Another great idea for these hot, summer days, is a fantastic day out with family and friends at the Esplora Interactive Science Centre in Kalkara. ESPLORA does not only provide cool respite from the scorching heat, but it also ensures a time filled with fun, thrills and educational opportunities for visitors of all ages!

Esplora boasts a climate-controlled environment, providing visitors with immediate relief from the hot sun and sweltering heat, allowing them to make the most out of the whole experience, comfortably and without fear of consequences of the heat, even at the height of the day. 

Once at Esplora, visitors will get all the assistance and guidance they need throughout their whole experience there. The highly qualified and friendly staff spare no effort in guaranteeing a fantastic time for everyone!

Want to learn more about Earth and the planets? Eager to conduct your very own science experiments? Or maybe you want to know from which exhibit to start? Esplora’s team members will always be there to answer any questions you may have and to provide all the help that you need.

Esplora does not only promise a fun-filled and delightful experience, but also an educational one!

Exhibits are presented in a perfect blend of education and entertainment, and are jam-packed with key lessons for everyone, turning the science world into an exceptionally engaging experience. 

From amusing interactive workshops to exciting and action-packed science shows, Esplora will surely keep all visitors excited and full of enthusiasm about science! Watch your children be enthralled as they open up new worlds.

To make it even better, this year Esplora has introduced special ‘Family & Friends’ bundles, which are aimed at giving visitors more while paying less! 

These bundles ensure everyone can have the time of their lives at the science centre, whether made up of a group of three (one adult and two children) for just €12, to nine (three adults and six children) for €36!

Through these incredible offers, Esplora makes sure that not only families have fun and learn more at the science centre, but they can also join up with their friends for even better offers!

If you are looking to make the most out of your summer and take a well-needed break from the blistering heat, then a trip to Esplora is a must!

For more information about Esplora’s ‘Family & Friends’ bundles and how you can benefit from these incredible opportunities, just click here. 



40 New Constables Join The Malta Police Force

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40 New Constables Join The Malta Police Force

’40 police recruits yesterday proudly marched in front of families and colleagues. With heads held high, they showcased their hard-earned achievements following an intensive 6-month accredited training program’, the Malta Police Force announced. 

This marks a significant milestone as the cohort of 40 were appointed as Police Constables, ‘commemorated during a passing out parade held at the Academy for Disciplined Forces in Ta’ Kandja.’

Police Commissioner Angelo Gafa congratulated them, stating that a career in the force is committed to continue developing in a profession in collaboration with various entities. 

“Keep on being proud of having the privilege to wear this uniform as I entrust in your capabilities to be at the forefront of our transformation. Through your dedication, we will shape the Force with youthful enthusiasm, geared towards the changes we strive for”.


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World’s First Deepwater Archaeological Park Inaugurated Off Xlendi

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World’s First Deepwater Archaeological Park Inaugurated Off Xlendi

The world’s first Deepwater Archaeological Park has been inaugurated off Xlendi in Gozo by the Minister for the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government, Owen Bonnici and Minister for Gozo Clint Camilleri.

Speaking during the park’s inauguration ceremony on the Xlendi waterfront, Minister for the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government Owen Bonnici, remarked that this park was designated as an Archaeological Zone at Sea in 2020 and encompasses a rectangular area of significant archaeological value, covering a total of 67,000m².

Dr Bonnici also explained that: “Through the park, researchers and technical divers from all over the world can explore the history of Malta from the completely different perspective that archaeology offers.” He said that this archaeological park at the bottom of the sea will also be found on the website www.underwatermalta.org.”By means of this virtual museum, more people can appreciate the unique sites of our seas,” said Minister Bonnici.

Minister for Gozo Clint Camilleri expressed his satisfaction that the first deep sea archaeological park in the world is being inaugurated in Gozo. He said that “This park is an additional incentive for travellers to opt for Gozo as their destination of choice, offering them a distinct and unparalleled stay unlike any other. Yet, our mission transcends enhancing the tourism facet; it encompasses safeguarding our cultural legacy and all that our ancestors bequeathed to us, thus upholding our unique identity and defining attributes.” Minister Clint Camilleri concluded by extending gratitude to all those involved, whose collective efforts brought this visionary project to reality.

Professor Timmy Gambin, who heads Heritage Malta’s Underwater Cultural Heritage Unit, explained that Xlendi has witnessed innovative undersea technologies since the late 1950s.

The launch of this unique park elevates the submerged deposits of Xlendi and enhances Gozo’s cultural heritage as well as its tourism product.

Through future collaborative efforts and thanks to the generous support of the Malta Airport Foundation, Gozo will continue to develop as a centre of excellence in the fields of underwater archaeology and heritage management.

The Malta Airport Foundation’s Chairman, Josef Formosa Gauci, stated that the foundation’s decision to support this project was easy, as our underwater heritage is a crucial part of the Maltese Islands’ tourism offering as well as our identity.

Although the depths at which this park is found make it accessible only to a niche of technical divers, Heritage Malta is doing an excellent job in bringing the discoveries made closer to specialised audiences and the general public.

The Malta Airport Foundation feels honoured to have contributed to the milestones achieved so far and is committed to continue supporting this unique endeavour, which is not only important locally but also to the history of the wider central Mediterranean.

Damien Spiteri, Mayor of Munxar, said that such initiatives offer a unique dimension of Xlendi’s cultural and historical heritage and the promotion of its rich history. It is such initiatives that Xlendi deserves – initiatives and projects that are in harmony with the village’s natural environment and unique characteristics.

Initiatives like these make it possible to preserve and enjoy the true spirit of Xlendi.

The park’s depth ranges between 105 and 115 metres, where the seabed consists of fine silt and sand punctuated by a series of rocky outcrops formed by extinct coral reefs. Around these outcrops are concentrations of archaeological objects, mostly amphorae. It is highly likely that more archaeological remains are buried in the sediment, based on the continuous deposition of sediment from Xlendi Valley and the presence of partially buried objects.

The park, sponsored by the Malta Airport Foundation, is the result of a collaborative effort between Heritage Malta’s Underwater Cultural Heritage Unit, the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage, the University of Malta, and the Munxar Local Council.


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