Man Filming Felic Viral Video Granted Bail In Court Hearing

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Man Filming Felic Viral Video Granted Bail In Court Hearing

Mark Cachia Zammit, a 35-year-old delivery man, faced court for allegedly filming a viral video of a couple engaged in sexual activity at a crowded local bar. 

While he admitted to filming the video, he pleaded not guilty, claiming he lacked criminal intent. The incident occurred at the Luqa boċċi club and the video drew widespread condemnation for exploiting a potentially mentally unstable person. 

Cachia Zammit’s lawyer argued that the couple appeared to be enjoying the attention, asserting there was tacit consent. 

The accused initially denied involvement but later admitted to recording the footage, expressing remorse and checking on the man in the video the next day. 

The police identified Cachia Zammit through eyewitness testimonies and matched his voice in the footage. Though the video was deleted from his phone, it was found in recently deleted data. 

The court granted bail with a €1,000 deposit, a personal guarantee of €5,000, and weekly signing in a bail book, cautioning against contact with prosecution witnesses. A protection order safeguarded the victims’ identities. 

The case was prosecuted by Inspectors Paul Camilleri and Kurt Farrugia, with defence counsel provided by lawyers Jason Azzopardi and Kris Busietta.


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Oppenheimer Beats Bohemian Rhapsody As Highest Grossing Biopic

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Oppenheimer Beats Bohemian Rhapsody As Highest Grossing Biopic

It’s Oppenheimer’s turn to break records, as Barbie continues to blaze a trail. 

Christopher Nolan’s biopic about J. Robert Oppenheimer, the theoretical physicist in charge of the Manhattan Project, has overtaken ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’ 

The biopic about Queen’s lead singer Freddie Mercury brought in $190 million during its theatrical run, but Oppenheimer, which premiered along with Barbie, brought in a whopping $912 million. 

Oppenheimer could also follow suit in terms of awards after Bryan Singer’s film ended up earning nominations for Oscars, Golden Globes, BAFTAs and more. 

Ironically, Rami Malek appeared in both films, being the lead in Bohemian Rhapsody. So it really isn’t a loss for Malek, despite only having a brief cameo in the recent release. 

Have you watched Oppenheimer yet? And do you prefer it over Bohemian Rhapsody?


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Cyprus Now Offers Higher Film Cash Rebate Than Malta

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Cyprus Now Offers Higher Film Cash Rebate Than Malta

In a significant move to bolster its presence on the global film production stage, Cyprus has extended its cash rebate programme titled ‘Olivewood’ for an additional three years and increased the cash rebate offered to production to 45%. 

Previously, Cyprus, like Malta, offered a 40% cash rebate to filmmakers, an incentive that had already attracted numerous productions to its shores. Now, with the reimbursement level raised to 45%, Cyprus is poised to become an even more attractive destination for filmmakers seeking financial incentives for their projects.

The Olivewood programme was initially introduced by the National Investment Agency – Invest Cyprus in 2019 as a strategic initiative to draw foreign film investments to Cyprus while concurrently boosting domestic film production.

Cyprus Finance Minister Makis Keravnos emphasised the program’s continued importance, highlighting the substantial benefits it has brought to Cyprus. He noted that a comprehensive evaluation of the programme’s data revealed remarkable advantages, including a significant increase in the number of Cypriot professionals employed in the film and audiovisual sector. Keravnos also underscored the cost-effectiveness of the programme, highlighting that the government had invested €1 million in it, which has resulted in a remarkable return of €5.5 million. This return on investment not only showcases the economic viability of the programme but also demonstrates how it can stimulate job growth and contribute to the nation’s economy.

It’s worth noting that this significant expansion of Cyprus’ cash rebate programme comes at a time when many countries are actively competing to attract film productions.

The film industry is a valuable contributor to a nation’s economy, providing jobs and fostering tourism. Comparatively, Cyprus now offers a 45% cash rebate, surpassing the 40% cash rebate offered by Malta, that has also been successful in attracting film productions. Other countries in Europe that have similar or higher incentives than Malta are Italy, France, Greece, Belgium and Canary Islands – the latter two boasting a 42% tax shelter and a 50% cash rebate respectively.

This higher cash rebate further solidifies Cyprus’ status as a top contender in the international film production industry, making it a more appealing option for filmmakers and producers seeking financial incentives to bring their projects to life.


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Autumn-Winter Wonderland: 5 Must-Try Activities in Gozo

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Autumn-Winter Wonderland: 5 Must-Try Activities in Gozo

As the summer sun mellows and the first hints of Autumn’s embrace appear, a seasonal paradise awaits to be discovered. While Gozo is often celebrated for its idyllic summer landscapes, but its allure doesn’t wane with the changing seasons. In fact, Autumn and Winter bring their own unique enchantments to this Mediterranean gem. From cozy countryside retreats to exhilarating cliffside hikes, Gozo offers a delightful array of activities to warm your heart during the cooler months.

Cozy Countryside Retreats

Nestle into Gozo’s charming countryside retreats! Book a quaint cottage and snuggle up with a hot cup of tea or coffee as you soak in the serene views of rolling hills and ancient villages blanketed in autumnal colours.

Kite Extravaganza

The International Kite and Wind Festival, held in Għarb, is a beloved event that promises a colourful extravaganza featuring kites from all over the world, acrobatic kite displays, live music, and family-friendly activities. This vibrant festival will leave you in awe as kites of all shapes and sizes fill the Gozitan sky, making for a memorable winter spectacle.

Hiking Adventures

Embrace the crisp air with our sister island’s hiking adventures! Gozo offers breathtaking coastal trails that come alive in the autumn-winter months. Traverse rugged cliffs and witness dramatic sea views as you explore hidden coves and secret caves along the way.

Foodie Delights

Indulge in Gozo’s delectable winter cuisine! Savour traditional Maltese dishes like rabbit stew, pastizzi, and Gozitan cheeselets. Also don’t miss the seasonal treats like honey rings, figolli and prinjolata, baked to perfection for a sweet escape.

Opera is Gozo

October is Opera month in Gozo! Immerse yourself in the world of opera with enchanting performances in Gozo’s historic venues. Experience the power and beauty of music in a setting like no other, adding a touch of elegance to your autumn visit.

Gozo isn’t just a summer paradise; it’s a year-round destination waiting to be explored! From cozy getaways to thrilling adventures, cultural experiences like Opera is Gozo, and lively festivals like The International Kite and Wind Festival, this Mediterranean gem offers a unique autumn-winter experience that will leave you enchanted. So pack your bags and head to Gozo for a magical seasonal escape!


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