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#MalteseMusicMonday is back once again with some great local music!

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Another Monday, another massive myriad of Maltese Music. This week with a special focus on spoken Maltese and electronic music, take a look below and pick out your favourite!

Glen Vella’s winning performance of Ħarsa Biss at Muzika Muzika 2021 captivated listeners with its captivating story, sound and production, going on to win the night amongst many other amazing Maltese performances.

Former X-Factor contestant Kyle George makes a big comeback with his new stage name and serenading track ‘Back To You’, produced by Gozitan artist Micimago. The new song reminds us how entrancing his voice is, accompanied by a touching yet minimalistic video.

Nick Morales continues to deliver with ‘Stennieni’ as he continuously proves to be one of Malta’s most intriguing artists. The ballad, spoken in Maltese language, satisfies a sound that is sure to capture listeners of all types!

Husko takes up Lee Wilson’s ‘Fight For Love’, managing to make it even more exciting to listen to! This new version is a straight up banger we can all just enjoy grooving to.

Blade continues to deliver with more up-beat, exciting tracks and this specific sound called ‘Story’ struck a chord. It takes us back to when parties were a thing and highlights exactly what we love about his DJ.


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Moviment Graffiti activists force back construction machinery in Dingli

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Moviment Graffiti activists protests force back construction machinery in Dingli

Moviment Graffiti took to FaceBook to update the public about the current construction and ensuing protest that took place in Dingli. With live footage from the scene, protesters were seen literally wrestling back against machinery as they attempted to stop the development in a field.

🎥 ARA L-FILMAT ⚠️ Dalgħodu fid-9:30am – Il-gaffa ta’ Infrastructure Malta kważi tolqot lil persuni jipproteġu r-raba’ u…

Posted by Moviment Graffitti on Monday, 22 March 2021

With police attempting to calm the situation down, the protesters did more than just hold placards as they joined farmers and residents in the protest whilst maintaining to social distancing measures. They stated that 300 year old Carob trees will be destroyed and a medieval church endangered if the development continues. Moviment Graffiti have reported that machinery left the scene of construction and that they will remain vigilant on location to ensure work does not resume.


Off-white launches ‘Keep Safe’ bucket hat equipped with visor

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Off-white launches Keep Safe Bucket Hat equipped with Visor

COVID-19 has inevitably affected our attire, making masks and visors a mainstay. Off-White has managed to make these essential protective gear fashionable as they release their new ‘Keep Safe Bucket Hat’. Accompanied by a visor, the hat sports the iconic brand logo and selling at up to $560.

The new fashion statement has certainly captivated the attention of many with some loving it and others not quite sure of how they feel. One thing is for sure however – masks are not going away anytime soon given the pandemic’s overstayed welcome. And it seems Off-White has understood that and tried to incorporate it for all those who want to sport safety in a fashionable way.


AstraZeneca claims vaccine is 80% effective for elderly with no risks

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AstraZeneca claims vaccine is 80% effective for elderly with no risks

AstraZeneca has stated that COVID-19 vaccine is 80% effective at preventing the virus in the elderly. Following its US phase III efficacy tests, it was also added that there is no risk of blood clots after the rumours circled around the vaccine. The vaccine proved to be 79% effective at preventing symptoms in the overall population and 100% effective at preventing sever disease and hospitalisation.

After several countries had paused or advised against using the AstraZeneca vaccine due to blood clot fears, the US trials included 32,449 participants of which two thirds received the jab. Many countries have resumed the vaccinations with AstraZeneca vaccines.


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