Maltese roads this weekend: 4 cases of driving under the influence and driving a car while clamped

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The Malta Police Force have found 4 people driving under the influence over the weekend, with one case where the driver refused a breathalyser test.

Another case reports the halting of an individual driving a vehicle without a license, while clamped and with a missing registration plate, with a passenger in possession of what is suspected to be cocaine.

These cases were all part of the regular roadside inspections conducted by the Malta Police Force.


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Pope Francis in line to take COVID-19 vaccine; calls it an ethical duty

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Pope Francis has stated that the Vatican will begin rolling out COVID-19 vaccines next week and he, like others, is in line to be vaccinated.

In an interview on Canale 4, the pontiff highlighted how taking the vaccine is an ethical duty and that vaccinations will start next week.

In his interview, he also condemned the violence which had occurred on Capitol Hill in the US.


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BMW unveil new 5-Series Dark Shadow Edition

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BMW have unveiled a new model in their Dark Shadow Edition Collection, this time in the form of the iconic series 5.

Blanketed in a sleek Carbon Black, the 530i M Sport’s exterior is only complemented by the Dark Shadow trims and grille, making it the coolest 5 Series we’ve ever seen.

Only 36 units have been made and the car is only available to the Malaysian market for around $97,000.


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Carnival is cancelled; artistic director announces shift to online

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As if it wasn’t obvious enough already, Carnival in Malta is officially cancelled as artistic director Jason Busuttil shuts down any social media posts stating otherwise.

It has been reported that carnival 2021, which is set to take place in a month’s time, will shift to virtual and the traditional floats will be installed in central areas such as roundabouts and the like.

Further details will be issued ahead of time while Busuttil warns that any pages allowing the booking of tickets for any kind of events are fake.


Photo: https://www.anacaphotography.com

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