Maltese researchers make major global breakthrough in ALS treatment

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Maltese research make major breakthrough in ALS treatment

A group of Maltese researchers has made a major breakthrough in ALS research after identifying which gene could be targeted to treat or stop the disease.

The research findings of global significance were made at the University of Malta, where the researchers used fruit flies in their studies. Fruit flies share a 75 per cent DNA sequence overlap with humans and are the first genetically-modified multicellular organisms in Malta.

The researchers are reported to have fixated on a gene that is found ‘disrupted’ in a considerable number of ALS patient. When the same gene was ‘switched off’ fruit flies, ALS symptoms began to develop, a first in the regard of animal models.

The study was led by Professor Ruben Cauchi, an Associate Professor of Neurogenetics at the University of Malta’s Faculty of Medicine and Surgery and Head of the ALS/Motor Neuron Disease Lab, together with Dr Rebecca Borg, Angie Purkiss, Rebecca Cacciottolo and Dr Paul Herrera.

ALS, or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. It leads to the gradual loss of muscle control and eventually results in paralysis and death.

Malta sees an average of 11 new ALS patients every year.


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Car enthusiasts! MDRA for Charity returns to Hal Far Raceway on Friday 31st March

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After a 3-year absence, MDRA for Charity will return to the Hal Far Raceway on Friday 31st March in aid of The Malta Autism Centre.

In a time where help is needed “more than ever”, the massive car meet invites car enthusiasts and members of the drag racing community, together with their family and friends, to show Malta the organisation’s great passion for motors readiness to help others.

On March 31, the raceway will be transformed into a motorsport mecca with a Grand Motor Show and drift rides, together with performances from Pro Wrestling Malta and Pro Kart Malta.

The event will start at 8AM and will welcome enthusiasts of all ages for a one-of-a-kind event which is perfectly suited for gearheads.

The Hal Far Raceway is home to Malta’s only drag strip and hosts some of the most highly anticipated racing on the island.

Do you plan on attending?


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Epic expands its offering with fresh new TV service

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Epic has announced the launch of Epic TV, a multiscreen IPTV platform launched in conjunction with Zattoo, Europe’s number 1 TV streaming provider.

The new TV service is a first for Epic in Malta and builds on similar launches by Epic’s shareholders, in Ireland, Switzerland, and Monaco.

Epic TV allows customers to enjoy a complete home service package

The TV add-on is available free from 2-year commitments.

Epic has launched Epic TV, a multiscreen IPTV platform launched in conjunction with Zattoo, a pioneer in TV streaming and Europe’s leading service provider. This service is a first for Epic in Malta and builds on similar launches that the company’s shareholders have implemented in other European markets with Zattoo’s award winning solution.

This latest offering further highlights Epic’s determination to bring a fresh approach to a market, and heralds great news for TV viewers here, given that the market has not seen the introduction of a new TV service in almost two decades. Presently customers can choose Basic, which offers very few channels and choice, or premium packages, crowded with filler channels that are hardly used, meaning customers are paying for unwanted channels. As from this month, Epic customers have more choice for the cost of a basic package and will no longer depend on other local TV providers for this service.

Epic’s CEO Pierre Etienne Cizeron said, “This is another exciting milestone in Epic’s ongoing journey to being a multi service customer-centric provider. With EPIC TV, we’re giving users real choice, better service, lower prices and faster speeds…right into their living room.”

Epic TV is available in one simple package, offering 39 live TV channels, which means customers will be getting more channels than they currently get on a basic package. Epic TV is also tapping into its global DNA, and has partnered with global names in the TV space – such as Discovery, Eurosport, and BBC , amongst others, in order to offer customers much more than the standard local and Italian channels. It is designed to sit side by side your favourite content streaming apps, a truly open platform where customers can access their favourite apps such as Disney and Netflix, alongside the best of Maltese, Italian and international channels.

In addition to offering more choice at better value for customers, the TV service includes add-on features such as replay, a seven-day catch-up, up to 100hrs of recording at no extra cost, and HD streaming. The service also comes with a simple user interface that is easy to access, use and watch, with channels grouped in categories, making the search for content as smooth and fast as possible.

TV by Epic is the name of the dedicated app, available from the App store and Google Playstore. Customers can watch the service through multiple devices at the same time. The TV add-on is available free from 2-year commitments, and customers can benefit from the launch offer which includes Epic TV and Epic Fibre at a basic cost of €6.99 for the first six months.


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Consider women’s issues when asking about pregnancy, MEP Josianne Cutajar asks

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In a recent post on her Facebook page, Labour MEP Josianne Cutajar appealed for the public’s sensitivity when asking women about pregnancy or children.

Cutajar stated that while some ask genuinely or due to the fact that it is culturally common for women to have children around their thirties, one must understand the impact of such a question.

The MEP asked her followers to stop and think about the impact such a question can have on women who have infertility problems, mental or physical health challenges, domestic violence or other issues.

“Let’s keep in mind how many women have dreams that they cannot commit to, and how each and every woman, beyond the caps they wear – of mothers or carers, partners, housewives, professionals – have one identity which unites them with the others, that of a person.”

Cutajar explained how she has not had children yet by choice, due to her profession and other logistic challenges which make such a step difficult before going on to highlight the impact of asking such questions to women.


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