Maltese off-roader Neville Ciantar 2nd in King of Portugal

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Maltese off-roader Neville Ciantar 2nd in King of Portugal

The list of sporting achievements by the Maltese continues to grow as Neville ‘Nusu’ Ciantar, off-road racing driver and member of All-Wheel Drive Club, placed 2nd in 2021’s King of Portugal. Known to be the toughest race in Europe, Ciantar managed to excel and dominate in the event, coming just short of one place to winning. 

The King of Portugal was started in 2013, with participants challenged to go through different circuits in the shortest time possible. It is a test of everything from vehicles, tires, transmissions but also of the driver’s adaptability, calculation and dexterity. This isn’t the first Ciantar competed, having finished 5th in 2017 and 6th in 2018. 

Ciantar’s achievement is simply more proof of Maltese capability in keeping their own on an international level. Well done!


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From viral TikToker to X Factor contestant

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Shaun Zaffarese rose to fame during the covid-19 pandemic for his hilarious acts imitating his family members on popular social media platform TikTok.

Shaun Zaffarese rose to fame during the covid-19 pandemic for his hilarious acts imitating his family members on popular social media platform TikTok.

He was able to rack more than 10k followers on his TikTok account and this evening he took everyone by surprise after he featured in X Factor Malta season 3.

Him being featured on tonight’s episode wasn’t the only surprise he had in store, as he went on to surprise all the judges on the panel with his amazing voice, which landed him 4 yeses and paved his way to the chair challenge.


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Massive fight in Rome as Lazio beat Inter

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Yesterday night, Lazio beat Inter in what was a very intense match between the two teams. This was former Lazio and new Inter coach Simone Inzaghi’s first game against the team he spent 22 years with. This game offered up everything, including two penalties, a red card and a massive fight between the players to top it all off. Lazio will be very happy with this result, especially after their shock 3-0 loss to Bologna. This was Inter’s first loss in the league since last January.



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It was the perfect start for Inter, as after pressing and creating chances for the first ten minutes they were awarded a penalty. It was converted by Croatian attacker Ivan Perišić. This made him the first Serie A player in over a decade to score penalties with his left and right foot. After the goal, Lazio began to press more even outplaying Inter for certain parts of the half.

In the second half, Lazio played more on the counter letting Inter have more of the ball possession. Not a lot happened until the 65th minute of the game when Inter defender Alessandro Bastoni mistakenly handled the ball from a Lazio corner, awarding Lazio a penalty. The penalty was scored by star striker Ciro Immobile, making him only two goals away from legendary striker Silvio Piola.

In the 81st minute the game changed, as Lazio scored their second goal even though Inter player Federico Dimarco was on the ground hurt. The reasoning of the referee for not stopping the match was because Inter striker Lautaro Martínez continued, even though it seemed like he didn’t know his teammate was injured. The goal sparked a massive fight with new Inter signing Denzel Dumfries attacking goal scorer Felipe Anderson. In the 91st minute Lazio midfielder Sergej Milinković-Savić scored a header from a free kick to confirm an all important win for the Biancocelesti.



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Inter will now be hoping for a better performance in their next match against Moldovan side Sheriff Tiraspol in the Champions League, whilst Lazio will be facing Marseille in the Europa League. The Nerrazzuri will still be targeting a twentieth Scudetto whilst Lazio will be aiming a Champions League place.



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The mystery of how dogs became man’s best friend

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The mystery of how dogs became man’s best friend

Theories attempting to explain how dogs became domesticated are hotly debated and the subject of much discussion. There are no clear answers yet but there are many hypotheses which are prying at the question and looking back in time to find some evidence of how canines went from wild, feral beasts to that pooch snoring on your couch right now. Here are some ideas…

Dogs most probably evolved from wolves at a single location about 20,000 to 40,000 years ago. It was previously thought that dogs are tamed from two different populations of wolves living thousands of miles apart. One study reports that DNA from three dogs found at archaeological sites in Germany and Ireland were between 4,700 and 7,000 years old. The ancient canines share ancestry with modern European dogs. 

According to Krishna Veeramah of Stony Brook University, wolf populations would move to the outskirts of hunter-gatherer camps to scavenge for leftovers. The wolves which proved to be tamer and less aggressive towards humans would be more successful at getting unwanted food scraps. Despite the humans not getting any benefit from this initial behaviour, this quickly started to develop…

A symbiotic relationship wherein dogs would linger around humans to help them hunt to get food could have contributed to the domestication process. Some hypotheses state that the process should be looked the other way around – that it was dogs that domesticated humans. Many scientists say that dogs started to travel with human companions round 20,000 years ago. 

They would have not been dogs many consider pets today, but they would have resembled village dogs which do not live in specific houses but simply roam around villages. These dogs would later be taken on for breeding into herders, hunters or gun dogs. Researchers however still consider themselves only scratching the surface of how this happened.

The issue is that it is super difficult to go back in time – literally or metaphorically. We have fossil records and possibly some manuscripts which could hint at dogs being domesticated. But for the most part, these bonds were being created during a time where no written documents were being produced. 

Whatever the case may be, investigating how dogs became such a human favourite companion testifies to the close bond we as a species have developed. Many won’t even dream of spending their life without their canine best friend. The origin of how and why this occurred is still a massive mystery, but the bond we’ve created is undeniable. 


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